GIRARD, Ohio — Trumbull County officials have asked Gov. John Kasich to enact a moratorium on drilling new wastewater injection wells in the county, according to

The county has some of the most wells in the state with 19, stated Commissioner Daniel Polivka in the article.

"I think the biggest crime of this now is that we've lost local government money," Polivka said in the article. "These injection wells are being drilled … and we're getting a big zero on funding back. That definitely needs to be changed because we have [road use maintenance] agreements with oil and gas wells, [but] no agreements with these injection wells, and there's more truck activity and whatnot."

Commissioner Frank Fuda agreed with Polivka, calling for people who live near the wells to be paid, reported the article.

After the Ohio Oil and Gas Commission decided to shut down two of its injection wells in the county in March, American Water Management Services LLC appealed, noted the article.

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