NASHUA, N.H. — Critical Process Filtration Inc. of Nashua, N.H., announces a significant expansion of their website to serve those manufacturing and servicing water treatment systems in the industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, food and beverage processing and semiconductor industries, according to a press release.

People wanting information on filtration for water can visit the site at

The expanded site includes links to pages with information for specific industries and details on Critical Process Filtration products.

Critical Process Filtration has also developed new filter system sizing tools for use online. Unique in the filtration industry, these online tools allow the user to enter a few pieces of information about desired system operating conditions, then choose a Critical Process Filtration cartridge or capsule model, stated the release.

The tools will calculate the number of filter elements or size of capsule filter needed to achieve the user's desired performance. Versions are offered to help users design single filter systems and systems using multiple types of filter media.

The tools are found at