PITTSBURGH — The Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) announced it has certified Shell’s SWEPI LP Appalachian operations as successfully completing CSSD’s evaluation and verification process, according to a press release.

Full CSSD certification confirms conformance with all 15 of CSSD’s Performance Standards, stated the release.

Shell’s certified operations, added the release, must continue to follow CSSD’s Performance Standards, integrating the center’s publicly available best practices within its long-term improvement processes.

The release reported that CSSD will monitor Shell’s adherence as well as continue to build and expand on the initial 15 Performance Standards, reported the release.

“Completing CSSD’s demanding evaluation, verification and certification process is an important achievement for Shell and for the larger effort for environmentally protective practices in shale development in the Appalachian Basin region,” said CSSD President and Executive Director Susan LeGros. “By voluntarily taking the lead as one of the first companies to become certified, Shell has reinforced its leadership position in its industry in advancing responsible operating and continuous improvement.”

Through a collaboration of industry, environmental and community stewards, CSSD is an independent organization promoting performance standards and third-party certification to boost responsible shale development and scientific knowledge in the Appalachian region, noted the release.

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