Online surveys are a great way to step into the customer’s shoes and validate trends and issues affecting their choices. Throughout the year, Water Technology — via — conducts regular surveys to gauge our readers’ interests on various topics, including those impacting our industry. For new readers (thank you for subscribing), every July we publish the results of our annual benchmarking survey.

This survey offers water treatment dealers a mid-year “state of the industry” from a good sample size of their peers. This is just one example of surveys we distribute throughout the year. If you have not received one of our surveys or you are unsure if you are on our survey list, please visit Don’t miss an opportunity to let us know about your experiences in the field so that we can better serve your informational needs.

This month, our cover story also highlights the benefits of using field research to validate and uncover trends. However, this survey allows us to step into your customer’s shoes. A recent telephone survey conducted by NSF International gathered the thoughts of more than 2,000 Americans. The topics: Home water filters and drinking water systems.   

A critical takeaway from this survey is the lack of education on the consumer side. As water issues become more prevalent, customers are turning to the Internet and other sources of unreliable information to solve their problem water situations.

This month’s cover story author Cheryl Luptowski documents some noteworthy resources that customers should be aware of. When customers understand that protecting the well-being of their household or place of employment should not be a gamble, they will look to turn the odds in their favor with knowledge and a dealer’s proven water treatment solutions.