WILMINGTON, Del. — Delaware Governor Jack Markell has proposed a Clean Water for Delaware's Future Plan that will protect public health and clean up Delaware's bays, rivers and streams, according to an article by the Dover Post.

The Plan will generate funding for wastewater, stormwater and drinking water projects throughout Delaware, noted the article.

According to the article, funds will be used to: Remove toxins and restore streams and rivers, repair and update wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, modernize stormwater infrastructure in communities to improve flood and storm resilience, support conservation/agriculture practices that prevent pollutants from reaching surface and ground waters, protect and restore critical natural resources like wetlands and forests that help purify water and mitigate flooding and make important upgrades to industries, which will systematically reduce impacts to water resources.

Over the next five years, continued the article, more than $500 million in wastewater facility upgrades are needed statewide.

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