Intelligent Optical Systems announces Apollo, a novel, configurable fiber optic water sensor

Feb. 15, 2023
The IOS Apollo is an optode-based sensing platform designed for sensitive measurements in challenging environments.

(TORRANCE, Calif. — Feb. 15, 2023 — IOS Release via PRNewswire) — Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. ("IOS") announced the Apollo Water Sensor platform an optode-based sensing platform, designed for sensitive measurements in challenging environments. With its market-leading low size, weight, and power, the Apollo is based on optical fiber technology and is capable of highly accurate measurements.

"The Apollo's fiber optic sensors offer a number of advantages, including low size and weight, reduced interference from unwanted species, and the ability to be located far from the readout unit without power requirements," said Rahul Ganguli, IOS' CTO.

Apollo also includes multiple Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and pH optical sensor caps. And there's no need for complicated calibrations — simply replace the pre-calibrated sensor cap to switch between different optical sensors and customize your measurement capabilities.

The Apollo's 8 configurable channels provide versatility and can be custom configured with optical, electrical and electrochemical sensor channels, making it suitable for various applications, including down well sensing, remote sensing, wastewater monitoring, drinking water monitoring, aquaculture, hydroponics and environmental monitoring. Our unique design allows broad customization including a choice of six different sensors from a wide variety of options, including third-party sensors, with easy interchangeability. The base-configuration unit includes 2 LED and 2 photodetector channels (for DO and pH measurements), 1 temperature (RTD) and 1 conductivity (EC) channel, and can be customized upon request.

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