Bulletin board: Question about Filox filter

Jan. 24, 2014

LATHAM, N.Y. — FenderBender711 has asked a question about a Filox filtration system issue on our WaterTechOnline.com bulletin board.

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User FenderBender711 recently posted a bulletin board question titled "Help needed with Filox system."

"So I have a 1.5 cf Filox system with a Venturi air injection system," said FenderBender711. "Over the course of the first six months or year, all seemed fine. Over the last year we are smelling some sulfur, manganese is a slight problem and I am pretty sure some iron is passing through. My numbers are not that bad, so you would think this system should solve most of my problems.  I have considered adding a chlorine or a peroxide system for additional aeration, but looking at the costs involved and reading some additional articles, I think my issue may be an inefficient aeration tank as well as inefficient mechanism for introducing air. I read my air tank should be the same size as my Filox filter tank. It is a good bit smaller. I also read that the Venturi shy stem can cause restrictions in the flow and easily clogs."

FenderBender711 goes on to elaborate on the problem; read more and see if you can offer any solutions, here.

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