The smart evolution of water softeners

Sept. 30, 2014

Smart technologies are boosting the water softener industry, enhancing profitability while saving customers time and money.

Not only are our phones becoming smarter, but so are machines and technologies that help shape the level of an industry’s success. The world of water is no different. Smarter water treatment equipment and technologies have vastly improved, incorporating innovative features that are keeping customers happy and free of frustration, not only saving them valuable time, but money as well.

However, end users are not the only ones to benefit from modern day enhancements. “The benefits extend well beyond the homeowner,” says Arti Lyde, vice president, marketing and aftermarket for EcoWater Systems LLC. “By being able to receive alerts and messages from the customer’s system, [a dealer] can provide increased levels of service.”

Smart technologies for water softeners

Smart technologies are only recently finding their way into residential water softener settings. With the advancements in Wi-Fi, mobile and electronic technologies, smaller, faster and more reliable softener systems are now possible, easing the minds of users by providing quality service beyond simply softening their water source.

“Some water softener systems are in people’s basements and often go unnoticed because they run on their own, they are out of sight and they are fairly efficient,” explains Lyde. “[Some new] Wi-Fi enabled softeners let consumers view their water usage at a glance, get email or text alerts when their salt is low, detect a possible issue and even send a service alert ensuring their softener is running optimally.”

More and more people are turning to smart phones and technologies, triggering web-based systems, specifically Wi-Fi enabled equipment, to continuously evolve. Using this progressing trend in water softeners triggers higher quality systems and highly satisfied customers.

The September 2014 issue of Water Technology featured an in depth article covering smart technologies and equipment. You can read that entire article here.

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