Bulletin Board post: Choosing the right water treatment for new home

BIRMINGHAM — A member of our online community is building a new home and is in search of advice in regards to choosing the most appropriate water treatment.

social media; comment
social media; comment

BIRMINGHAM — We strive to provide our readers with multiple forums for discussion about any water-related needs, and our Bulletin Board has continuously been a resource for industry professionals to discuss and brainstorm various issues.

A new topic posted by John 11 is available on our Bulletin Board regarding selecting the right water treatment when building a new home.

"My wife and I are building a house, and I have been going crazy trying to research the most appropriate water treatment for our area/situation," said user John 11 in the post. "We live in a town that sits on two different water sheds which supply water for the town’s three wells. The hardness of the water is 38 grains."

User John 11 continues by asking our online community for unbiased opinions/knowledge on the subject.

Users billblack and stephencarr have already offered advice to John 11. Do you have any solutions to share with user John 11, or are interested in the topic/facing a similar problem? Keep the discussion going.

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