Bluefield Research releases in-depth analysis on California’s water market

BOSTON — The Bluefield Research analysis indicates substantial growth and a tipping point for companies that address the water-stressed market.


BOSTON — Bluefield Research recently released an in-depth analysis of California’s water market and emerging opportunities for investment, according to a press release.

Now in its fourth year, California’s drought has pushed regulators to take measures that go beyond demand management, stated the release.

“Bluefield's analysis of more than 85 planned projects, spending and demand indicates significant growth and a tipping point for companies addressing the water-stressed market,” reported the release.

The analysis reports that urban water suppliers have averaged 8.8 percent total reduction in water use over the last eight months, only surpassing the 20 percent target once this past December, which was the rainiest month during the measured period, noted the release.

You can find more information on Bluefield Research’s analysis here.

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