NEW ORLEANS — Enwave USA completed the design-build for a new district energy center located in New Orleans supplying over 33,000 tons of chilled water and air conditioning to more than 12 million square feet of commercial property.

After Hurricane Katrina stormed through New Orleans, total suspended solids (TSS) levels increased in the city’s cooling systems, and Enwave USA Director Plant Operations Jeff Davis met with Sonitec-Vortisand, determining that a 300 gpm Vortisand® cross-flow microsand filter providing submicron filtration was needed.

The filtration system combined with a chemical treatment program lowered TSS levels; and during a visit to the facility in 2014, Davis decreed that the chilled water was cleaner than ever, adding that, “These heat exchangers have not had to be cleaned since the Vortisand® was installed in 2010.”

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