I read a great article about a Funeral Chapel in Los Angeles, Calif., that uses professional pallbearers who dress in tuxedoes & top hats and uses choreographed dance steps to provide mourners with a way to say goodbye to their loved ones in a unique and memorable way.

Have you looked at your dealership to see what you’re doing that makes your company stand out from the crowd? How are you using your brand to foster your image?

Consumers are overwhelmed by all the choices that are available to them; they want strong brands that simplify their decision making and reduce their risks. A strong brand engenders feelings of trust, reliability, loyalty, empathy, responsiveness and recognition in the customer’s mind.

There is a dealer in the mid-west who loves his golden retriever so much that this dog’s picture is featured on his website, his truck, his business cards, and logo shirts. Dolly is a registered therapy dog, specializing in disaster relief. She spends her day at the dealership, she accompanies her owner on appointments (she stays in the truck), she is at the booth at outdoor community expos and even visits people at the local hospital once a week wearing her official therapy vest.

Dolly is a fixture in the community and she has become a huge part of his brand. People wave at Dolly as she sits in the truck, children want to pet her and people smile when they see her. Dolly has invoked feelings of trust, loyalty and empathy into this dealership’s image and that translates into strong branding and customer recognition.

There are some dealers who laugh at this … but this dealer is laughing all the way to the bank!