MIDLAND, Mich. — Dow Water & Process Solutions released a new infographic on ultrapure water (UPW) and how it can impact electronics.

Microchips and their pathways are built up in layers, which need to be washed with water free of any impurities, or UPW, according to Dow’s infographic.

“The smallest contaminant can prevent a circuit from functioning correctly, which can result in a faulty device,” continues the infographic.

The infographic also offers a few factors of UPW, including but not limited to: UPW is water in its most basic form without any dirt, minerals or salts; UPW can dissolve “virtually everything” it is exposed to, to a certain degree; and since UPW pulls minerals from the body it is not safe for consumption.

Water must go through “filtration, reverse osmosis, oxidation, UV, degasification, electrodeionization, ion exchange and ultrafiltration” to become UPW, noted the infographic.

You can find Dow’s infographic here.