In Part 2 of our podcast, Water Technology Editor Lori Ditoro speaks with Snehal Desai, global business director for Dow Water & Process Solutions, at AWWA ACE15 in June.

Desai discusses new technologies in the water industry, and how we must adapt the way we view this important resource to face growing water challenges. This includes the race to zero or minimum liquid discharge. Instead of waiting for the perfect solution, Desai advises, users can implement current technologies to take action now.

AWWA ACE15 focused on total water solutions and how the industrial, residential and municipal markets are connected.

“There’s still not enough cross-connect … People are doing really cool stuff inside the residential space, but I think the guys in [desalination] — that doesn’t even occur to them because they think really big, but you have people that are doing it really small.”

Desai also talks about hydraulic fracturing, flowback water and how regulatory practices affect processes. While companies can control elements like research and development investments, they cannot control how government policies affect them, and the industry must rethink how it approaches policy.

To listen to Part 1, click here.