Pipe capacity at 30 meters before treatment

Pipe capacity at 30 meters before treatment

SENDAFA, Ethiopia — The U.S. drilling industry and two charities donated equipment and supplies to return a water well to full capacity, according to a press release.

The well was partially blocked and is a primary water source for 15,000 residents, stated the release.

Living Word Community Church (LWCC) donated $45,000 to the effort, noted the release. Ethiopian officials said in the release that it is the first project in the country to treat a mineral-blocked well with an environmentally friendly method.

Mineral solids and iron-eating bacteria which had adhered to the pump and interior pipe were dissolved, reported the release. Well output increased from about 32 gallons per minute to 74 gallons per minute.

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Pipe after Unicid treatment

The well was constructed six years ago by John Hilliard, global missions director for LWCC. Water Missions International, Design Water Technologies, Edward Powell Pump & Well and Wells for Relief International collaborated on the project, shared the release. Local water authority Sendafa Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise was also involved.

To prepare for the project, WMI and Powell worked with Hydro Construction and Engineering Services Ltd. to conduct testing and analysis of the water, noted the release. Hydro Construction also supplied equipment and manpower.