Many water treatment professionals enter this industry because they have a genuine passion for providing clean, potable water to their communities. Water, however, is a vital resource that is still underpriced in many communities and, therefore, is often overlooked by your customers and prospects as a significant investment.     

As research evolves, however, including news and articles that we offer in this monthly magazine and on, public awareness is starting to grow regarding the value and importance of drinking water. For example, in a recent survey of chemical engineers, which was published by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (ICHemE), drinking water was cited as the number one most significant invention, or solution as the engineers termed it, in the modern era.

That’s right, the solution that most of you offer each and every day to customers ranked higher than other notable, life-changing inventions, including gasoline and related fuels, antibiotics, vaccines, plastic, fertilizers, sanitation and others.

The important role that water in general has played throughout the history of this world is well-documented. However, what is not as clear is its future and the success of using untraditional methods to provide clean, safe water with limited traditional supplies.

Moving forward, water treatment dealers can spread awareness of drinking water as the most significant invention in the modern era and educate customers of some important changes taking place now and into the future. Desalination and solar-powered water treatment equipment, as examples noted in the survey, are offering real solutions to current water supply concerns. Stay on top of these trends and prepare customers for future changes.