DENVER — As Drinking Water Week continues, the American Water Works Association joins water professionals across North America in helping consumers learn to maintain high-quality water throughout their household plumbing systems, according to a press release.

After water enters a home, conditions in the home plumbing system can affect the water’s quality.

“Our water providers work very hard to be sure that the water leaving the treatment plant meets all federal and state standards,” said AWWA Executive Director David LaFrance. “As consumers, it’s up to us to help protect that water quality by maintaining our homes’ pipes and faucets.”

To assist homeowners, AWWA has provided these top tips for maintaining water quality at home:

1. Clean faucets and aerators regularly

2. Clean and disinfect sinks and drains regularly

3. Keep drains clear and unclogged

4. Use cold water for drinking and preparing food

5. Replace old plumbing and install certified “lead free” fixtures

6. Flush cold water taps after household plumbing work or when the water hasn’t been used for several days

7. Drain and flush your hot water heater annually

8. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the water heater, filters, treatment devices, softeners and any other products attached to the water system

9. Do not connect hoses or other devices intended for non-drinking purposes to household drinking water faucets

10. Keep hazardous chemicals and unsanitary materials away from drinking water faucets.

Read the entire press release here.