DENVER — As Drinking Water Week continues, the American Water Works Association and water professionals across North America are appreciating the value of our precious water supply by focusing on how much water is needed and used in the production of everyday items such as food and clothing, according to a press release.

The water community is committed to the idea that by fully understanding the value of water, more can be done to protect it, reported the release.

For example, according to data provided by the Value of Water Coalition, 40 percent of water is used in agriculture to grow foods to eat and beverages to drink and 46 percent of water is consumed in manufacturing products, the release noted.

 “When we truly grasp how much water goes into the production of our everyday foods and products, it’s easy to see how valuable our water supply is,” said AWWA Chief Executive Officer David LaFrance. “Once we understand the value of water, we can do more to protect such a precious resource.”

More information about the value of water and our water footprint is available on the Value of Water Coalition’s website.