AMERSFOORT, Netherlands — Dutch Water Authorities (DWA) signed a partnership with Royal HaskoningDHV to support wastewater treatment plant startups, according to a press release.

The agreement applies to plants using Nereda® technology, noted the release. DWA’s first joint effort is underway in the Republic of Ireland, and it will also work in Brazil, Australia, South Africa and more.

“Dutch Water Authorities brings unique experience in the field of operational management of Nereda plants,” said René Noppeney, global director of water technology products & innovation at Royal HaskoningDHV, in the release. “Together with our knowledge and experience of design, this creates a powerful combination. Consequently, we can provide an even better service to our Nereda clients and partners abroad.”

DWA board member Derard Doornbos remarked in the release, “Dutch Water Authorities shares global knowledge with countries where water management faces many challenges. We learn from this ourselves and, at the same time, support the export potential of the Dutch water sector. Moreover, our employees will gain ‘out of the box’ [experiences] and learn from applying the technique in a different context. This, in turn, will help us with the water requirements in the Netherlands.”

Nereda plants use less energy than traditional wastewater plants, shared the release. They treat wastewater with bacteria that quickly sink.

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