BRIGHTON, Colo. — A three day boil alert for residents in Brighton, Colo. has ended after crews completed disinfection and testing protocols from the threat of E. coli, according to CBS 4 Denver News.

Nearly 34,000 water customers in the area were put on alert after positive tests for E. coli were detected, stated the article.

“I had the whole week off so I had seen that they were coming around and testing but didn’t know why, but we found out why,” said resident Jeff Hajdu. “The neighbor that was taking care of my pets – I was gone for the weekend — she called me up and let me know that, ‘Hey, there’s a problem.’”

Eighteen homes had their water completely shut off during the holiday weekend, noted the article

“Residents of these 18 homes, the only ones in the city to have had their water service shut off, have been extremely cooperative and understanding as utilities workers labored throughout the weekend to completely disinfect that section of the system and examine each residence for any signs of contamination or its source,” city spokesperson John Bradley said in a statement.

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