OXFORD, Pa. — Water, which accounts for 90 percent of beer, contains calcium and is the most important mineral in the beer brewing process with levels of calcium in local water determining the type of beer produced.

Even though calcium is a crucial ingredient in brewing beer, it could create beerstone and limescale, both which can occur through precipitation and scaling as a result of the heating of water solutions, and can negatively impact the brewing equipment/process.

“Within this environment electronic water conditioners, such as Scalewatcher, are the ideal solution for removing and preventing RO membranes [from] being clogged with scale,” says Scalewatcher North America Inc. President Jan De Baat Doelman. “As electronic water treatment (EWT) changes the shape of the molecules from rough to smooth, they do not form a matted structure and are washed away thereby preventing the membranes from being clogged, which in turn reduces maintenance shutdown and energy costs.”

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