SYDNEY — In response to the drought conditions and water shortages in California, Sydney-based landscaping company, Enchanted Landscapes and Design, has put together a list of essential water-saving tips, according to a press release.

“The situation has gotten so bad that in January, California’s situation was declared to be a state of emergency, with officials taking action to prepare for water shortages,” said Enchanted Landscapes and Design Director Brent McCann. “We’re no strangers to drought here in Australia, and one area where Californians can save a lot of water is through proper landscaping design and maintenance.”

McCann continues in the release, “Australia is known for making the most out of every drop of water. In fact, a drought from 2002 to 2010 resulted in 70 percent less water supply but [the] farm production only went down by 13 percent. We survived by implementing some easy, yet smart, strategies.”

One water-saving tip offered by Enchanted Landscapes and Design is to select drought-tolerant plants and native plants because they will be accustomed to the local climate and will require less water, reported the release.

The landscaping company also recommends watering plants in the early morning or later in the afternoon when there is not much direct sunlight, causing water to take longer to evaporate, continued the release.

Another recommendation provided by Enchanted Landscapes and Design is to use recycled water or harvested rainwater when watering plants, noted the release, and a bucket filled with excess shower water and even water used for boiling or rinsing produce once it has cooled down are also good water-saving options.

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