EASTLAKE, Ohio — ENPRESS LLC is pleased to announce the introduction and availability of a new series of filtration solution for the Cartridge Tank™ filtration vessel, the WHITE Series.

This point-of-entry (POE) filter series is a 0.5 cubic foot empty media cartridge for filling of granular filtration media.

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Utilizing ENPRESS’s patented Vortech® full distributor plate technology, the cartridge and medias can be used in up-flow or down-flow service depending on the application and preference of the installer, for maximum efficiencies and service flow rates.

The cartridge is also available in a Mid-Vortech® configuration that splits the cartridge equally into 0.25 cubic foot of available area per chamber. This allows for separation of different medias and increased efficiency of the media bed.

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Other features include a removable Top Cap that has a locking feature that can be used for limiting access to the internal medias by the end-user, and special rings on the bottom that allow for hanging of the cartridge for easy change-out of medias.

The White Series is also being made available with a returnable box option for regeneration and return requirements to the supplier.