NEW YORK — The EPA concluded that no further action is required in addressing the capping of two closed landfills at the Cinnaminson Groundwater Contamination Superfund site, located in the townships of Cinnaminson and Delran, N.J., according to a press release.

The Cinnaminson Groundwater Contamination Superfund site includes the two landfills as well as both residential and industrial properies, and expands across approximately 400 acres; operations throughout the site resulted in the soil and groundwater to be contaminated with volatile organic compounds and heavy metals with the potential of serious health effects, stated the release.

The release noted that protective caps now cover the landfills to prevent water from flowing through them, contaminated groundwater has been pumped and treated to prevent contaminants from spreading and a system has been constructed to collect gas generated from the landfills.

Local drinking water supply is monitored regularly to ensure that water meets drinking water standards, and an assessment regarding the continued operation of groundwater extraction and treatment system is ongoing, continued the release.

The EPA determined that no further actions are needed concerning the capping of the landfills, and that the threat of further contaminant release to the groundwater has been addressed, reported the release.

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