OLEN, Belgium — Erie Water Treatment Controls revealed its new trademark and brand name, which is now erie water treatment, during its annual Dealer Event, according to a press release.

The company shifted its focus away from control valves to concentrate on complete water treatment solutions in 2009, inspiring the change in the brand name, stated the release.

Erie water treatment, a division of Aquion Inc., is a manufacturer of water treatment systems for use in residential and commercial applications, noted the release.

“The new brand name, erie water treatment, isn’t a radical departure from our original name. Those in the water treatment industry that know us will continue to call us erie,” said erie water treatment General Manager Nick Govaert. “But for those that may not be familiar with us, our new identity will reflect what we actually do: Water treatment, and not just control valves. The new trademark is another story. Here we did want to break with the past by introducing a new brand mark; what we call ‘the globe,’ is a strong visual element that is clearly recognizable to everyone and which transcends language and region.”