RALEIGH, N.C. — Etowah Water & Sewer Authority (the Authority), faced with recent droughts and the desire to improve the quality of life for its community, customers and environment, is implementing the Sensus FlexNet™ communication system and iPERL™ meters to conserve its limited water resources on World Water Day, and thereafter, according to a press release.

Dealing with aging infrastructure, the utility needed to focus on water and sustainable development, which is the theme of World Water Day 2015, and the area’s recent droughts compelled the Authority to address conservation and the protection of limited water resources, stated the release.

The Authority has improved water conservation, reduced nonrevenue water and enhanced customer service, since the deployment of FlexNet, continued the release.

"Etowah Water & Sewer Authority's success demonstrates how smart water networks can make a meaningful impact on water conservation," said Sensus Global Water Marketing Director Dan Pinney. "Water is at the heart of sustainable development, from economic growth to environmental sustainability. By properly managing and preserving our precious water resources, we can contribute to improving the well-being and growth of communities around the globe."

As World Water Day is observed, Sensus urges public service providers to follow the Authority’s example and take an active role to conserve water by deploying smart water networks, noted the release.

You can find the release here.

You can learn more about the Authority’s success in a special case study here.