As often happens during and after an economic setback, companies find new ways of doing business and explore different areas to expand their portfolio of services. Over these recent years, Water Technology has reached out to its audience to understand how and why dealers venture into new markets. We have learned that traditional POU/POE dealers find success selling into such vertical services as plumbing, food service, cleaning and maintenance services, indoor air quality (IAQ), ice and pool and spa treatment.

In this issue we continue our coverage of selling to food service customers. In addition to the article, “Catering to the food and convenience store markets,” starting on page 40, we also feature an article on the topic of water quality when making pizza. According to the author of “Pizza well done,” which starts on page 34, pizza maker Anthony Bruno searched for an alternative to traditional water softeners in order to overcome a water hardness issue.

Smart food service, restaurant owners and managers, such as Bruno, understand that water quality is an important ingredient to the final products. Water treatment professionals who recognize and understand the impact water has on foods and beverages will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage to win these accounts.

After you gain any new customer, understanding the state of his or her water makeup is a first and critical step. Although analytical field testing devices have drastically advanced, most water treatment professionals will opt to have a new customer’s water lab tested. And, as we learn starting on page 20, the key to good lab results includes effective communication between dealer and lab.

You’ll find plenty more need-to-know information in this issue. Thank you for being a reader of our publication. Water Technology’s staff hopes everyone is having a nice summer.