Our magazine and website, WaterTechOnline.com, often feature articles that discuss ways water treatment professionals operating strictly in the point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE), light commercial and residential, markets can expand services. Some businesses over the past 10 years have had no choice but to diversify core competencies due to several factors, including increased competition, stressed finances or customer demand.

In part two of "Water's impact on fountain beverages and beverage systems," the author expands on his research into what key components produce a tasty beverage in the foodservice market. From fast food to five-star restaurants, delivering water quality is a money making opportunity for dealers. This special three-part article, which is exclusive to Water Technology, offers water treatment dealers the in-depth insight into what it takes to be successful in servicing foodservice customers.   

Another good example of how our publication and its website are providing content to help dealers diversify services is found under the municipal button on our website's homepage. In addition to writing new articles and generating insightful podcasts, we are also following the municipal and industrial markets' events and top news stories. For example, we released news online as it was available leading up to WEFTEC 2013, “The Future of Cities and Water: Insights from Great Water Cities,” held October 7 in Chicago, Illinois.

Even if it is not feasible at this time for your business to pursue municipal or industrial customers, dealers should stay current with these markets' trends and issues as many of these critical concerns also impact residential and light commercial markets. “There’s little doubt that we have entered a time where water is becoming a top priority in cities around the world,” said WEF interim executive director Eileen O’Neill ahead of WEFTEC 2013. “Although it is a renewable resource, many don’t realize that water is finite and the only way to meet current and future demands is to be smarter and more efficient in our management approaches."  

As our editorial planning for 2014 is currently underway, our goal is to continue onward with this content strategy. Look for more articles in the coming months both in print and online that will focus on the dealer’s need to learn about expanding and diversifying services, including in plumbing and air quality.