WASHINGTON — The Mandarin Oriental’s Washington D.C. location faced a cooling tower sludge problem, prompting the five-star hotel’s management to search for a solution, according to a press release.

Patrick Payne of Boland Trane and Denny Alexander of Armstrong Filtration conducted a scientific examination of the luxury hotel’s cooling water system, discovering that 95 percent of the particles within the system were under 20 microns, stated the release.

The release reported that the findings enabled the hotel to narrow down its options for a filtration solution, and Sonitec’s Vortisand® filter met the hotel’s criteria.

Armstrong and Boland’s energy analysis revealed the Mandarin earned a return on investment within a 12-month period of using the filtration system, noted the release.

“The Vortisand® filtration system traps suspended solids on top of the media bed, and not back into the condenser water loop,” said Mandarin Oriental Director of Engineering David Tolson. “The really great thing about the Vortisand is its ability to self-monitor sand cleanliness and self-clean as needed.”

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