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ANN ARBOR, Mich. — NSF International has certified the first flow meter for pool, spa and waterpark applications to the American National Standard for recreational water equipment and new California regulations, according to a press release.

Fluidics Hawaii, LLC’s FV-C Mechanical Flow Meter is the first to earn NSF certification to this standard, demonstrating to pool operators and regulators its ability to effectively and accurately measure water flow.

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This is critical to disinfection, filtration and maintaining safe water circulation rates, noted the release.

Verifying the safety and effectiveness of flow meters is especially important to maintaining water flow rates within safe limits (as defined by law in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act), which helps prevent entrapment from pool and spa drains.

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“Fluidics Hawaii focuses on developing innovative solutions and devices to make pools and spas operate cleaner, safer and more efficiently. By being the first to earn NSF International certification for our FV-C Flow Meter, we’re demonstrating this commitment to our customers and public health officials and providing them with the accurate tools they need to help protect the health and safety of swimmers,” said Paul Hackett, chief executive officer of Fluidics Hawaii LLC.

Read the entire press release here.