LATHAM, N.Y. — This week’s Follower Profile is on Tom Barrett, owner of Green Water Infrastructure, who follows us on Twitter (@TomBarrett_GWI).

Barrett is an author, speaker, trainer and coach based in Indianapolis, who is passionate about water and the environment. He has over thirty years of successful landscape industry experience and his website describes him as an accomplished corporate growth and change agent.

Barrett's company, Green Water Infrastructure (GWI), is a consulting company that integrates water resources for sustainable site development, striving to use 100 percent of the water resources on site at the site.

GWI saves communities money by combining green infrastructure and new technology with gray infrastructure and existing technology; using such things as rain gardens, green roofs, permeable paving, infiltration planters and rainwater harvesting for non-potable water uses such as landscapes and flushing toilets.

Find out more about the Barrett and GWI by following him on Twitter @TomBarrett_GWI or visiting the GWI website.

We’d like to thank Barrett for the follow on Twitter and all of our supporters on the website and social media sites. Please remain active on all our sites and your company could be featured in our next newsletter.

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