MAITLAND, Fla. — Genesis Water Technologies is working with its partner Best Blend Ghana to facilitate a desalination project to be implemented near the Sekondi military base in Accra, Ghana to provide both drinking water and process water for oil/gas clients operating off of the coast of Ghana, according to a press release.

GWT’s keen experience and innovative solutions for both potable water, reclaimed water and waste water are well renown across the world, noted the release.

This sea water desalination project will incorporate their latest proprietary nanofiber pre filtration technology which significantly reduces bio-fouling as well as nano composite membranes providing for a reduction of power consumption and operating costs with increased water production rates, continued the release.

Nick Nicholas, technical sales manager for Genesis Water Technologies Inc. stated, “This project will showcase the partnership between GWT and Best Blend in Ghana and the potential for operations throughout West Africa to provide clean water in an innovative and environmentally conscious way. Genesis Water Technologies and Best Blend are currently looking at other opportunities in West Africa to implement these advanced GWT solutions.

Best Blend and Genesis Water Technologies look forward to tackling the issues of water contaminants and scarcity with innovation solutions for Ghana and West Africa into the future, according to Nicholas.