According to a new report from the Freedonia Group, global demand for water treatment chemicals will go up by 5.8% on a yearly basis, reaching $30.6 billion in 2017, Environmental Leader reported.

The global water treatment chemicals market will be influenced by increasing water quality standards in manufacturing, as well as other industrial uses. In addition, improving access to drinking water in regions that have traditionally been water-deprived will also drive demand for water treatment chemicals, the report noted.

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Meanwhile, the market in developed areas will be governed by other forces, including competition between water treatment chemicals and equipment providers, with a specific focus on potential environmental concerns. In mature markets, such as the United States, Western Europe and Japan, expected growth rates are likely to be moderate because demand is already well established.

However, over the period through 2017, another factor that will impact the water treatment chemicals market will be the growing demand for treatment products of higher value, including corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, and coagulants and flocculants, which will be commonly used in treatment facilities for equipment damage prevention.