SINGAPORE — The Global Water Intelligence (GWI) announced the winners of the 2015 Global Water Awards, according to a press release.

The winners were recognized by José Manuel Barroso, the former president of the European Commission and prime minister of Portugal, 2002-04, at a ceremony on April 27 at the Nasioutzik Museum during the Global Water Summit in Athens, Greece, stated the release.

Barroso delivered a speech on the global importance of water for the world, commenting, “We need leadership in the private and public sector to make water sustainable,” reported the release.

Subscribed readers of GWI magazine, Water Desalination Report and individual members of the International Desalination Association (IDA), as well as delegates who registered for the early bird discount for the event, were eligible to vote for the winners of the Global Water Awards, continued the release.

The 2015 winners, noted the release, include: Abengoa, which received the Water Company of the Year with the distinction for Aqualogy-Suez environment; Lakeview WTP phase 2 expansion, Canada, which won the Water Project of the Year with distinction for Andijk III pretreatment plant, Netherlands; and Silicon Valley AWTP, U.S., which was recognized with the Water Reuse Project of the Year with distinction for Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme, Australia.

You can find the release here.