BOTHELL, Wash. — Clean water technology company HaloSource has announced the appointment of Jeanine Willis as the company's new human resources director, according to a press release.

Willis brings over 20  years of HR leadership to the company with broad experience gained from her time in the biotechnology, healthcare and service industries, noted the release.

Joining HaloSource from the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, where she led the human resources team and developed outstanding researchers, Willis has a Bachelors degree in Speech Communications and an M.S. in Management, the release reported.

“Jeanine will be a key member of our leadership team, bringing a solid background of leadership experience in the HR arena as well as a great deal of related industry experience. This will help us enormously as we work together to continue to evolve and drive our global strategic plans,” said Martin Coles, CEO of HaloSource.

According to the release, HaloSource is a global company headquartered in Seattle that develops technologies to disinfect and purify water.