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Nov. 1, 2010

Moore Industries-International has released, "Automation and Instrumentation Solutions for Power Plant Applications," a new digital interactive line card. The card includes pop-up "Selection Hints" that link to technical product information on the company's web site. It also includes links to areas on the web site where users can get answers to instrumentation questions from the company's application experts. In a concise "bullet item" format, the line card provides instrumentation solutions and applications for today's mature power plants. Moore Industries-International Inc., North Hills, CA, 818-894-7111,

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Process controller

An illustrated brochure from ABB describes the company's new line of single and dual-loop universal process controllers and indicators. Called ControlMaster, this new generation of process control instruments is said to be more intuitive, easier to operate, and significantly more powerful in use. The brochure notes that each instrument provides a comprehensive display of process status, using thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal technology. ABB Instrumentation, Tel: 800-829-6001, Web:

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Oil in water measurements

A White Paper entitled, "Emulsion-Breaking Techniques to Ensure Accurate Oil in Water Measurements," was recently published by Wilks Enterprise. Certain water samples, such as those containing detergent, may form an emulsion when oil in water extraction into a solvent is done. In order to ensure an accurate measurement, the emulsion must be broken. The White Paper discusses six emulsion-breaking techniques that can be used for reducing an emulsion in order to obtain valid oil in water measurements -- whether the analysis is done by infrared, gravimetric or UV techniques. Wilks Enterprise Inc., Norwalk, CT, 203-855-9136,

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The new ECD CD Catalog for 2010 from Electro-Chemical Devices, provides application guidance and installation tips for devices measuring pH, oxidation reduction potential, specific-ion, conductivity and resistivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrate and ammonium, as well as free and total chlorine. The new Hydra Ammonium Sensor, featuring reliable ISE technology, is designed for direct nutrient load monitoring in the aeration basins of wastewater treatment plants. Electro-Chemical Devices, Irvine, CA, Tel: 800-729-1333, Web:

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Motor control centers

A new white paper from Rockwell Automation explains how advanced intelligent motor control centers (MCCs) provide process application users with critical information that ultimately helps minimize - and prevent - downtime. "Intelligent Motor Control Centers Lay the Foundation for Improvements in Manufacturing Efficiency and Reliability" outlines industry drivers and the evolution of MCCs, including technology considerations, configuration methods, networking advantages, as well as benefits gained from real-world application examples. Rockwell Automation Inc., Milwaukee, WI, Web:

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Motors, drives

WEG Electric, a supplier of motors, drives, controls, panels, transformers, and generators, has launched a new online product catalog initiative to support both distributors and customers. Now available through various WEG distributor sites, the online product catalog will enable customers to search through a complete listing of the company's products, find descriptions and specifications, and place orders online. Users will be able to search by keyword or part number on every page, browse by product category, compare products side by side, find pricing, and e-mail or save "favorites." WEG Electric Corp., Duluth, GA, 800-275-4934,

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A new brochure from Special-Lite describes the company's line of doors for corrosive environments, and explains why they perform better than hollow stainless or galvanized steel doors. According to the brochure, Special-Lite® SL-17 FRP Flush Doors provide longer life by combining corrosion-resistant materials with a lightweight structure that fights corrosion in unconventional ways. The doors feature fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) face sheets and corrosion-resistant 6065-T5 aluminum alloy stiles and rails. A proprietary injection technology completely fills the interiors with a strong, closed-cell urethane foam core that locks out corrosive liquids and gases. Special-Lite Inc., Tel: 800-821-6531, Web:

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Sample containers

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched an online, fully interactive version of its EP Scientific Products Catalog. As suppliers of clean sample containers for environmental and critical environment sampling EP Scientific cleans, packages and certifies its sample collection and storage containers in accordance with the EPA's regulatory guidelines. The product brochure, downloadable from provides simple navigation and product selection for customers wishing to order from the extensive range of EP Scientific contaminant-free containers. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Milford, MA,

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Oil skimmers

Abanaki offers a full range of oil skimmers and emergency oil spill systems for the special challenges facing hydroelectric power generation facilities, who must protect water resources from spills of hydraulic fluid. For more information about oil skimmers in power utility applications, and for utility oil skimming case studies, visit Products include belt and tube skimmers and associated systems. Abanaki Corp., Chagrin Falls, OH, 800-358- 7546

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