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Nov. 1, 2010

Scale inhibition

Belclene® 445 from BWA Water Additives is an enhanced POCA based chemistry that provides scale inhibition, mainly calcium carbonate scale, while offering significant corrosion control. It was designed to act as a substitute for HEDP and PBTC in situations where corrosion control is also of concern. The calcium carbonate scale inhibition capabilities surpass those of PBTC and HEDP in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated systems thus making it compatible with both oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocide treatment programs. BWA Water Additives, 201-394-2476,

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Relief valve

Singer Valve has added an Anticipating Surge Relief function to its Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter, a valve used in the sewage, dirty and raw water industry. The valve eliminates the problem of surges that happen when pumps stop or power fails. The compact relief valve can handle high pressures and uses a compressed air cylinder to hold the valve closed. This chamber is fitted with a relief pilot that is normally closed as long as the line pressure is lower than the set point. Singer Valve, Surrey, BC,

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PVC tubing

Newflex tubing from NewAge Industries provides an alternative to the bulk and weight of multi-layer rubber hoses for suction requirements. The all-PVC tubing is reinforced with spirals that help the tubing flex without kinking, resist crushing, and withstand vacuum applications as high as 28 in./Hg. It works well in pressure applications, also. The tubing is chemical and corrosion resistant and has a smooth inner surface for maximum flow of fluids, air, or granular materials. NewAge Industries Inc., Southampton, PA, 800-506-3924,

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Gear pumps

Clark Solutions has introduced its UP Series of compact, self-priming gear pumps. Available with nickel plated bronze or PTFE gears, stainless or brass pump bodies, and stainless steel drive shafts, the pumps are available in configurations that make them ideal choices for water processing, and oil, fuel, or antifreeze transfer. These pumps are also a choice for pumping seawater, many acids, or alkaline solutions. Six models of the UP Series of pumps are being offered, including the UP6, UP9, UP2, UP12, UP3, UP4, and UPX models. Clark Solutions, Hudson, MA, 978-568-3400,

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Peristaltic pumps

The King Cobra™ Series Peristaltic Pumps from Wilden® are suited for chemical transfer processes. The pumps feature a simple, seal-free design that is dry-run capable and eliminates any potential leak points. This allows them to handle a wide variety of fluids, from those that are abrasive and aggressive to others that are sheer-sensitive, viscous or particle-laden. The pumps also have excellent volumetric capacity, making them well-suited to the dosing applications that are common in chemical transfer. Wilden Pump & Engineering Co., Grand Terrace, CA,

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Nordic Fiberglass has introduced the ND-562424-MG-152-X-X cabinet, which can be used to connect electrical cables to a single or three phase transformer or provide power to three phase industrial equipment. The cabinet accommodates up to three 15 or 25kV 200/600 Amp load break junctions with U-straps. Load break junctions are used to sectionalize, establish loops, taps or splices. The aluminum mounting plate can be adjusted to a secure horizontal position for easy junction installation. Two self-locking cam arms hold the lid firmly in place when open. Nordic Fiberglass Inc., Warren, MN, 218-745-5095,

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Oil removal

Equipment is offered by Serfilco for coalescing or separation of free oil from aqueous cleaners or other liquids of dissimilar specific gravities. A unit of corrosion resistant, all-plastic construction is pictured and includes a pre-filter, which extends service life of the coalescing element. A complete line of systems in carbon steel and stainless steel is also available. The coalescer is effective in separating dissimilar liquids with a specific gravity difference of .09 or greater. Serfilco, Ltd., Northbrook, IL, 800-323-5431,

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Pleated filter cartridges

Argonide has announced the development of its NanoCeram-HF™ high performance pleated filter cartridges specifically engineered and designed to address the bio-contaminant issues in most water treatment applications. This pleated filter cartridge uses a design whereby a pleated layer of electropositive filter media is wrapped around a 0.15 um Absolute hollow fiber membrane. This design yields high filtration efficiency for virus, bacteria and cysts. Each cartridge contains a pleated layer of the company's patented non-woven filter media matrix which is infused with nanoalumina fibers, creating an electropositively charged depth filter. Argonide Corp., 407-322-2500,

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Gas feed

Severn Trent Services has introduced the Capital Controls® Series WP70CV3 gas feed system to control chemical feed in water or wastewater applications. The system features an automatic valve, flowmeter and vacuum gauge. It under sonic conditions for all flow ranges, eliminating the need for differential pressure regulators. The new gas feeder's integrated, space-saving design also saves material costs and customer time in wiring, system piping and routine maintenance. Severn Trent Services, Fort Washington, PA,

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Siemens recently introduced the Ionpure LX-45Z continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) module for industrial post-reverse osmosis (RO) water purification. The module offers key benefits to customers in the hydrocarbon/chemical processing, power, electronics and laboratory markets, such as a 50% higher flow rate in a single module, compared to earlier LX modules. The LX-45Z module also offers an extremely compact design, double o-ring construction and incorporates Siemens' non-chemically regenerated CEDI technology. By adding additional CEDI cells, the module is capable of higher flow rates for RO permeate polishing without the cost premium imposed by stringent pharmaceutical material compliance. Siemens Water Technologies,

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Leak detection

Spectroline® fluorescent dyes reveal all leaks in static and circulating water systems, boilers, storage tanks and other high-volume containers. They also are effective in locating leaks in piping, valves, condensers, sprinkler system pumps, seams, welds and fittings. With this leak detection method, you simply add a small amount of Spectroline WD-801, WD-802 or WD-803 fluorescent dye into a system and allow it to circulate. Wherever the water escapes, so does the dye, which remains at the site of all leaks. Spectroline, Westbury, NY, 800-274-8888,

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Packaged wastewater treatment

Biowater Technology offers a prefabricated, packaged biological wastewater treatment system that can be installed above or below ground in either a skid mount or trailer mount configuration. Designed for installations up to 100,000 gpd, these systems are dependable and space saving. The mobile plant can be configured using any of Biowater's processes. Biowater Technology, Cumberland, RI, Ph: 401-305-3622,

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Facultative bacteria

Reliant Water Technologies' Sewper Rx is a patented polymicrobial blend of facultative bacteria specifically selected for their ability to degrade organic waste and eliminate noxious odor. When it is added to a waste stream, it releases very high numbers of bacterial cells that immediately begin degrading or breaking down protein, carbohydrates, fats, oils, grease and cellulose. These bacteria reproduce very rapidly, doubling in number every 24 minutes. Sewper Rx is capable of de-nitrification and phosphorus removal without the need for separate processes and typically eliminates noxious odor within a week of application. The by-products of this bioaugmentation treatment are water, CO2 (which gases off) and some remaining inorganic solids. Reliant Water Technologies, New Orleans, LA, Tel: 504-400-1239, Web:

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Smith & Loveless recently announced the release of its new Pista® Works™, a pre-engineered packaged headworks system combining screening, grit removal and grit washing into one integrated system. The complete system is pre-assembled and shipped direct to the job site, significantly reducing field-installation costs while allowing for a compact footprint. All equipment components are constructed of stainless steel and use multiple patented technologies including grit removal technologies Pista® 360™ with V-Force Baffle™, S&L Turbo Grit Pump and the Pista® Turbo™ Grit Washer featuring Tri-Cleanse Technology™. Package components also include ANSI flanged connections, a 6 mm fine auger screen, manual bypass bar screen, two platforms for easy equipment access, and epoxy-coasted carbon steel skid support for the complete system with concrete fill. Smith & Loveless Inc., Lenexa, KS, Web:

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