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July 1, 2010
Mokon offers a new six-page, full-color brochure showcasing its line of thermal fluid systems.

Thermal fluid systems

Mokon offers a new six-page, full-color brochure showcasing its line of thermal fluid systems. Product offerings include water temperature control systems for process heating requirements up to 300˚F; heat transfer fluid temperature control systems for process heating requirements up to 650˚F; heat transfer fluids and cleaners that last longer than conventional products and help keep heat transfer fluid systems clean; plus a range of heater/chiller systems that offer a combination heater/chiller system all in one package. Other systems include cooling systems, pump tank systems and custom engineered applications. Mokon, Buffalo, NY, 716-876-9951,

Conveying elbow

New literature from process equipment manufacturer HammerTek Corp. discusses how the company’s Smart Elbow® conveying elbow was used to cut costs at 12 different installations. In case history featurettes, “The Smart Elbow - Built to Endure” describes how replacing worn sweep elbows in pneumatic, liquid, slurry and steam conveying lines eliminated frequent leaks. The case histories highlight installations in water/wastewater treatment, power generation, trash-to-energy and a variety of processing plants including food, beverage, plastics and pharmaceuticals. HammerTek Corp., Landisville, PA, 717-898-7665,

PE pipe fusion

McElroy has published the seventh edition of its polyethylene pipe fusion catalog and reference guide. The guide serves as a sourcebook for polyethylene pipe fusion equipment, accessories and information. The McElroy Fusion Catalog and Reference Guide includes information on the company’s fusion equipment and has an expanded reference section. The catalog also features details and specifications for more than 30 new products. McElroy Manufacturing, Tulsa, OK, 918-836-8611,

Pressure washers

Sioux Corp. has published a new brochure for its EN-Series All-Electric line of hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners. The brochure features new photos, details of the product features, and a listing of the current model numbers available. Standard models are available with 50 Hz or 60 Hz electricals, and with any voltage used world wide. The product line includes ETL third-party testing to UL and CSA safety standards as well as a wide range of options and accessories. Sioux Corp., 888-763-8833,

RO membranes

Koch Membrane Systems has released a video showcasing its large area MegaMagnum® spiral reverse osmosis (RO) elements. The video displays key installations for the elements, including Bundamba, Australia, and its newest seawater installation at a copper-gold mine in Chile. Go to to view the video. The video demonstrates the large diameter RO system’s economic benefits and explains why more engineering firms are considering these elements for brackish and seawater RO projects. Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Wilmington, MA,

Mag drive pumps

A new brochure on the Moyno® Mag Drive 500 Series pumps includes product features and user benefits, performance characteristics and typical applications. The pump’s patented, sealless, magnetic drive design provides zero leakage for the most critical applications. These pumps can handle toxic, aggressive, caustic or even flammable and explosive fluids. Four models offer flow rates from 0.1 to 900 gph. Materials of construction include PVC housings. Stator materials include Nitrile or EPDM with optional FPM stators and titanium rotors. Skid mounted, turnkey systems are available. Moyno Inc., Springfield, OH, 877-486-6966,

Sodium hypochlorite information

The Chlorine Institute has published two new documents that are available free online to help sodium hypochlorite users avoid accidents caused by improper mixing of the chemical. A fact sheet, Avoiding Accidental Mixing of Sodium Hypochlorite, focuses on recommendations for avoiding improper mixing of sodium hypochlorite during bulk unloading. Sodium Hypochlorite Only (Bleach) UN1791, is a poster intended for display in areas where sodium hypochlorite is handled. It recommends eight steps to guard against situations that can lead to accidental mixing. Chlorine Institute, Arlington, VA, 703-894-4140,

Air treatment

Kaeser’s completely updated clean air treatment catalogue includes information on ISO quality classes, air treatment configurations, and describes various clean air treatment products. The brochure details the company’s array of refrigerated, desiccant and membrane dryers, as well as its filtration line to trap moisture, particles, oil mists and vapor. The publication will help users select the right combination of dryers and filters to reach any ISO quality class from general purpose shop air to oil free OSHA Grade D breathing air. Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA, 800-777-7873,

Pump station

Bulletin No. 606 Evolution from Smith & Loveless discusses the company’s Wet Well Mounted Pump Station. The bulletin gives a historical timeline of the product as well as highlights, features and benefits of the above-grade lift station. Since its original introduction, more than 10,000 stations of its type have been installed throughout North America and around the world. Request bulletin #606. Smith & Loveless Inc., Lenexa, KS,

Alignment tool

Ludeca has released “Laser Align”, a free iPhone application reference tool for shaft alignment of rotating equipment. With this app users can access important reference material and learn about key laser shaft alignment concepts. The tool includes helpful reference guides: Short Flex Tolerance Table; Spacer Shaft Tolerance Table; and Thermal Growth Calculator. The app can be downloaded at: Ludeca Inc., Doral, FL, 305-591-8935

Data loggers

Onset has published its new Energy and Environmental Monitoring Product Catalog. The 75-page catalog provides product descriptions, technical specifications, and pricing for the company’s line of HOBO® data logging solutions used in energy management, field research, and water resources management. This includes stand-alone data loggers, web-based data logging systems, and wireless sensor networks. Onset Computer Corp., Bourne, MA, 800-564-4377,

Wireless instrumentation

Control Microsystems has published “Improving SCADA Operations Using Wireless Instrumentation,” a non-commercial white paper that shows how integrating wireless instrumentation with SCADA systems can drive operational efficiency and reduce deployment costs. In many cases, eliminating cabling and trenching can cut deployment costs by as much as 70%. Wireless instruments require only the sensor to be installed in the process, saving hours or days and valuable resources. Control Microsystems, Kanata, Ontario, 888-267-2232,

Hand tools

Lowell Corp. has updated its catalog of ratcheting hand tools. The catalog also features machine components to be specified by OEM designers or retrofit by plant engineering and maintenance personnel. For water and sewer utility workers and those in the construction industry, the company makes a variety of heavy duty ratchet and socket wrenches that can handle all kinds of nuts found in pipeline work and in hydrant maintenance and operation. For original designs or retrofitting to existing machines, Lowell offers ratchet arms, handles, and clutches that enable plant workers to control and adjust machinery with greater precision, ease, and safety. Lowell Corp., Worcester, MA, 800-456-9355,

RTU applications

Semaphore has released three technical documents with information on applications for the T-Box LT all-in-one RTU and T-Box Wireless Monitor. The systems bring new technology to automation and monitoring of processes in a variety of water and wastewater applications. The publications include the “Basin, Canal, and River Level Monitoring System”, the “Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring System” and the “Pump Station and Lift Station Operations.” CSE-Sempahore, Lake Mary, FL, 407-333-3235,

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