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July 1, 2010
ABB now offers the Torbar Flowmeters, including in-line, fixed and withdrawable designs available for pipe sizes from 10 mm to 8 meters in diameter.
Averaging pitot tubes

ABB now offers the Torbar Flowmeters, including in-line, fixed and withdrawable designs available for pipe sizes from 10 mm to 8 meters in diameter. Key features of the Torbar range are its sensor design and the use of a “dual averaging” technique. The tube design features unique profiled flats around the downstream hole. These flats define the separation point of the flow lines from the tube and create a stable pressure area at the downstream pressure sensing hole. ABB Instrumentation, 800-829-6001,

Couplings, fittings

Colder Products Company, a provider of quick disconnect couplings and fittings, has introduced The Web site allows visitors to review the company’s FitQuik™ product line and place orders online. Products include fittings, luers and couplings. The company also offers precision-molded fittings and leak-free connectors for medical device manufacturers and OEMs. The site provides availability and pricing information for each type of fitting, and allows visitors to purchase standard fittings on the site or contact the Colder Fittings team to order custom parts. Colder Products Co.,St. Paul, MN, 800-786-5214,

Pressure, temperature switches

K-TEK has announced that the company’s BETA line of pressure and temperature switches have been certified for operation in SIL2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) environments. The switches have been certified to the exacting IEC 61508 safety standard. To obtain SIL2 certification, the products must be analyzed based on quantitative data and tests indicating the length of time between failures and expected performance in the field. The switches feature spring-loaded, self-aligning diaphragm/piston sensors. K-TEK,Prairieville, LA, 225-673-6100,

Level measurement transmitter

AMETEK Drexelbrook has added the Impulse™ Series Continuous TDR Level transmitter to its line of level measurement products. The new guided wave radar level transmitter employs Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology to provide accurate measurement of total level, distance or volumetric outputs. TDR technology has been widely used in level measurement for its inherent ability to remain unaffected by variations in process materials electrical characteristics. The transmitter provides continuous level measurement of liquids to ranges up to 50 ft., with a 2-wire 4-20 mA, HART output signal. It has five different sensor types and is constructed of 316SS and Hastelloy C for use in environments that are classified hazardous (Class I, Div. 1) with either Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof installation requirements. AMETEK Drexelbrook,Horsham, PA, 215-674-1234,

Fire-safe valve

Conval has released the new Clampseal Fire-Safe Valve factory-equipped with a SaVD Safe Vent Drain. This unique combination is ideal for refining and chemical plants where fire safety is a major concern, and is available in Y, A and T pattern configurations in 1/2” through 4” sizes; with up to ASME/ANSI 2500 pressure ratings; and with NPT, butt weld and socket weld ends. The Fire-Safe Valve contains a simple mechanism that compensates for thermal expansion. Conval Inc.,Somers, CT, 860-763-3551,

Sight glasses

L.J. Star, a supplier of sight glasses, stainless sanitary fittings, and sight flow indicators, offers a suite of solutions for the special demands of process observation in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The product line is used to connect and visually monitor fluid flows, and thereby help maintain strict control of critical processes. The line includes sanitary fittings, sight port lighting, cameras, sight indicators, sight glasses, bubble traps, sight glasses, and hygienic clamps. L.J. Star Inc.,Twinsburg, OH, 330-405-3040,

Filter cartridges

Argonide Corp. has announced the development of NanoCeram-DP™ pleated filter cartridges specifically engineered to address the bio-contaminant issues in ultrapure water applications. Each filter cartridge contains dual-pleated layers of the company’s patented non-woven filter media matrix which is infused with nanoalumina fibers, creating an electropositively charged depth filter. The filters are capable of removing small particles (including colloidal iron and TOCs), bacteria, virus and endotoxins from water at high flow rates, using the principal of electrostatic attraction and adsorption.Argonide Corp.,Sanford, FL, 407-322-2500,

Online seal management

EagleBurgmann, a manufacturer of mechanical seals, systems, packing and expansion joints, has introduced SEPROnet – an online program that allows customers to document and evaluate seal-related data. The program is built on the company’s in-house SEPRO service software program that maps seal data for systems and individual plant components. Customers can access the program in real-time from any web browser. The program features an easy-to-use navigation interface and an extensive range of customizable evaluations and reports. EagleBurgmann,Houston, TX, 713-939-9515,

PVC tubing

Hytrel-lined PVC tubing, designed to provide the flexibility and durability of PVC with the unique properties of Hytrel, is now available from NewAge Industries. The tubing is useful in applications where different performance is needed for the inside and outside of the tube, such as Hytrel’s oil resistance in a harsh environment where the durability of PVC is called for. Typical uses include air sampling, computer equipment, appliances and vending machines, lawn and garden equipment, propane gas delivery, and general fluid transfer. NewAge Industries Inc.,Southampton, PA, 800-506-3924,

Overfill protection

SIS-TECH announces the Automated Overfill Protection System (AOPS), a safety instrumented system (SIS) that can prevent dangerous overfill conditions in terminals, tank farms and process vessels. The system incorporates a non-programmable Logic Solver (suitable up to SIL-3) that receives signals from switches or transmitters, determines if an abnormal process condition is present, and provides outputs to close isolation valves, shut down transfer pumps, or open diversion valves. The system operates independently of the plant’s process control system with the capability to communicate to the control system via hardwire, Modbus, Ethernet or wireless communications. The AOPS can also be configured to prevent underfill conditions. SIS-TECH, Houston, TX, 281-922-8324,

Chloride analyzer

The Thermo Scientific Orion 2117HL High Level Chloride Analyzer is designed to measure chloride in the range of 75 to 1000 parts per million (ppm). The online analyzer offers reliable chloride monitoring in real time. It is based on the company’s Orion electrode technology, combined with a virtually maintenance-free fluidics design. No reagent is needed. Calibration is simplified with prepared chloride standards. Measurements are repeatable and verifiable. Thermo Scientific,Beverly, MA,

Sanitary gauge

The WIKA M93X.3A is an all-welded construction sanitary gauge that is in full compliance with 3A third party standards and meets the most rigorous industry specifications. This assembly has all the advantages of the 23X.50 series mechanical gauge and the company combines it with a sanitary diaphragm seal. All external stainless steel surfaces are electropolished and the wetted components have full material identification and traceability. WIKA Instrument Corp.,Lawrenceville, GA, 888- 945-2872,

Flow computer

Krohne has released its new Summit FC8800 Digital Flow Computer with graphic display. The display uses a modern processor with a fast ¼ second processing cycle. The flow computer uses one dedicated processor per I/O board. Internal operations are based on the time-tried Application Builder Software, and there is a removable, 2GB card to store data with enough capacity to last for years. Krohne, Peabody, MA, 800-356-9464,

Screenings washer

The Spiralift SC Screenings Conditioner cleans, conditions, washes and compacts screenings. A high impact spray-wash zone adds high pressure washing in the drop area between the grinder and the auger. As the screenings are received from the bar screen in the SC hopper, they are finely ground by a heavy-duty Taskmaster® grinder and spray washed. The solids then drop into a second washing zone for intensive washing under high pressure. They are transported to a screw press where liquids and contaminants are drained and the solids are compacted. Franklin Miller Inc., Livingston, NJ, 973-535-9200

Wireless data logging

TandD Corp. has introduced the new RTR-500 Data Logging System which provides the ability to monitor and download data without the need to physically retrieve the loggers. In addition, warning notifications are available from the remote locations via email when parameters are out of norm. The system’s Wireless Base Station connects to a PC through a USB port. This unit can function as a base station or as a repeater to expand the range of wireless communications in increments of about 500 feet per unit. With the use of multiple repeaters, the range is virtually unlimited. TandD Corp.,Saratoga Springs, NY, 518-669-9227,

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