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March 1, 2010
The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers from Wilks Enterprise were specifically designed for on-site measurement of oil/grease concentration levels by non-technical personnel.
Oil/grease analyzers

The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers from Wilks Enterprise were specifically designed for on-site measurement of oil/grease concentration levels by non-technical personnel. They eliminate the need to wait for off-site lab tests to help ensure regulatory compliance. Over 2,000 InfraCal Analyzers are in worldwide use for analyzing the produced water on oil platforms, as well as monitoring refinery and industrial wastewater effluents, to ensure compliance with discharge permits. Wilks Enterprise Inc., Norwalk, CT, 203-855-9136,

Polymer makedown system

The Polymaster™ Polymer Makedown Systems from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. comply with both UL778 and CSA C22.2 No. 108-01 standards. The systems dilute, mix and activate emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers. They are available in a range of models to produce from 20 to 1200 gph of activated solution at concentrations from 0.1% to 2.0%. The patented, motorized Gatlin distribution head allows the Polymaster to achieve a high degree of activation at all flow rates. Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Lansdale, PA,

Variable frequency drive

WEG Electric Corp. has introduced the CFW08 Wash Down duty variable frequency drive, featuring a compact size with full functionality. The VFD is specifically designed for harsh environments that are exposed to water. With the NEMA 4X enclosure, the product can be exposed to water, sprays, high humidity, and dusty environments without damage. The CFW08 Wash Down is ideal for the food and beverage industry, as well as other severe environments. It is well suited for a variety of applications, including controlling pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, rollout tables, agitators, and mixers. WEG Electric Corp., Duluth, GA, 800-275-4934,

DAF pumps

EDUR special flotation pumps are now available for 500 gpm flotation applications, providing 12% entrained
gas and producing ultra-fine, 30 micron bubbles. They provide an efficient air saturation system for waste activated sludge thickening and applications or systems requiring gas charging of liquids. System installations are designed for new and retrofitted dissolved air flotation applications. They can be integrated into many OEM DAF units, can achieve separation efficiencies greater than 95%, with enhanced float solids concentration at 3 to 8WT%. Additional benefits include; costs reductions up to 40% over previous DAF systems. Shanley Pump & Equipment, Arlington Heights, IL, 847-439-9200,
Drive components

From chain drives to heavy duty conveyor pulleys, belt drives to screw conveyors, Martin manufactures products that are used in every facet of the Wastewater Treatment Industry. The company provides non-metallic drive components such as 78 and 720 series sprockets and shear pin assemblies, as well as other plastic items used in wastewater treatment. Martin Sprocket & Gear, Arlington, TX, 817-258-3000,

Arsenic removal

Filtronics’ patented Electromedia® I systems are available with automated operations and backwash-to-filtration ratios of less than 2%. The systems generally reduce arsenic concentrations to less than half the allowable Maximum Contaminant Level. Permanent media, low chemical costs, remote access support, no hazardous waste, a four-minute backwash requirement, and a small footprint are a few of the features in each custom designed system. Filtronics Inc., Anaheim, CA, 714-630-5040,

Self-aspirating aerator

MTS/Mass Transfer Systems designs and manufactures the MTS Aspirator™ submersible self aspirating aerator for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment. The technology is currently finding applications for small tanks needing aeration or for supplemental aeration in larger processes. The aspirator is designed for a variety of applications where oxygen transfer and mixing are required along with portability. Its design places the aerator at the bottom of the tank and creates distinct zones of influence for aeration and mixing. MTS/Mass Transfer Systems, Walpole, MA, 508-660-9150,

Modular wastewater treatment

An advanced, modular wastewater treatment and recycling system – using technology originally designed for the US Military and the oil and gas industry – is now available from Global Water Group. The extended aeration/activated sludge wastewater treatment system processes water in half the time of conventional aeration systems. Using modular units, the system operates in combination with a separate recycling unit and a purification unit. The systems can be sized to handle flows from a few thousand to tens of millions of gallons per day. Global Water Group Inc., Dallas, TX,

Cloth media filter

Municipal Filtration Co., makers of the Muni-Disk® static plate cloth media filter, has introduced a new line of compact tertiary filtration systems designed to treat smaller flows in the range of 10-150 gpm. Statiks™ cloth media filters come in compact, efficient packages and use the same patented gravity flow hydraulics and unique cloth media technology to eliminate mechanical wear items including pumps, drive motors, chain gears, backwash/sludge manifolds, and other mechanical moving parts. Municipal Filtration Co., Madison, WI, 608-240-8987,

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