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March 1, 2009
The new Enviroline 375UHS is a thin-film VOC-compliant, fast-cure epoxy coating for oil & gas and chemical processing industries.

Epoxy coating

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The new Enviroline 375UHS is a thin-film VOC-compliant, fast-cure epoxy coating for oil & gas and chemical processing industries. With VOCs of 95 g/L, this coating meets South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) regulations while still providing an easy-to-apply thin-film application of up to 20 mils DFT. It's a high performance internal lining for storage tanks, process vessels, pipelines and concrete containment structures requiring corrosion protection from aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, fuel grade ethanol, ethanol gasoline and other refined petroleum products and chemicals. Enviroline Group, Industrial Environmental Coatings, Pompano Beach, FL, 800-449-6525,

Process filtration

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New SchroederSPUN™ depth filter cartridges and housings provide a reliable, versatile, low-cost solution to process filtration needs. These graded density elements, spun-bounded from 100% pure polypropylene fibers, offer high dirt holding capacities. By trapping larger sized particles on the outside of the element while smaller particles are trapped closer to the element's core, these elements can filter as fine as 1 µm. Schroeder Industries, Leetsdale, PA, 724-318-1100,

Pump controller

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A stand-alone pump controller able to differentiate between hydrocarbons and water, the oil smart water pump controller from See Water will operate any pump by itself up to 1 hp or 16 amps. Its performance cannot be altered by oil. If a layer of oil attaches itself to the sensors, the switch detects a field of water and pumps the water from under the oil. Once the long sensor sees no more water (oil or air), the pump turns off immediately. See Water Inc., San Jacinto, CA, 888-733-9283,

MBR for small flows

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Bord na Móna's new PuraM® membrane bioreactor pre-engineered system is designed for small flow wastewater applications. Available in a range of mobile prefabricated carbon steel or SS tank configurations capable of treating flows from 7,000 to 125,000 gpd, or in concrete tanks for applications in excess of 1 MGD, this MBR system features significant improvements over comparable ones for small flow applications using an enhanced air scour flat plate design. Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S. Inc., Greensboro, NC, 800-787-2356,

Blowers & compressors

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Dresser Roots rolled out a powerful new website, incorporating popular features and frequently requested technical content in a new easy-to-navigate, redesigned format to improve usability and research value. In-depth engineering resources include: pressure and vacuum curves, assembly drawings with parts lists and dimensional drawings. A New Product Navigator tool helps match your criteria to available Roots solutions. Product Overview lists products with key statistics for quick reference and comparison.Dresser Roots, Division of Dresser Inc., Houston, TX, 832-590-2408,

Depth filter cartridges

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SERFILCO now offers a fiberglass reinforced plastic chamber, Series FRP, with its Maxi-Depth filter cartridges, to pre-filter water entering the RO stage of a water purification unit. The U.S. Army's R&D Command determined a non-metallic chamber with a 2-5/8” diameter x 40” long, polypropylene, depth wound filter cartridge with extension is an excellent choice to ensure safe drinking water.Serfilco Ltd., Northbrook, IL, 800-323-5431,

Triplex plunger pump

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Cat Pumps' 60 Frame triplex plunger pumps for industrial liquid handling applications have now expanded to 75 GPM. The new 75 GPM performance is available in three models to cover a variety of applications: 6775 Brass, 6771 Stainless Steel and 6777 NAB. These new models feature a special guided valve design providing added strength and durability under high flow operation. Its compact footprint and medium weight permit easy installation for stationary and portable systems, offshore and containerized systems. Cat Pumps, Minneapolis, MN, 763-780-5440,


BioFuelBox announced removal of a key technical obstacle that prevented wide-scale conversion of waste greases into biodiesel for nationwide on-road applications – removal of sulfur to meet on-road ASTM specifications. This standard requires all transportation fuels to contain less than 15 ppm of sulfur. Many wastewater treatment plant operators face challenges with messy waste greases, and many of the available waste-grease-to-fuel solutions today run into a glass ceiling due to high sulfur contamination found in certain greases.BioFuelBox Corp., San Jose, CA, 888-383-5269,

Rugged pressure switches

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Approved by FM, CE, ATEX, UL, CSA and CRN, Ashcroft® B-Series pressure switches are designed for demanding industrial service with consistency and long-term reliability in mind. Provided with either NEMA 4 watertight or NEMA 7 explosion-proof housings, these switches are used in a variety of industrial applications and operating environments. Ranges from 0/10 InH2O to 0/3000 psi and D/P ranges to 600 psid are available, along with a variety of diaphragm materials, sanitary connections or external media isolators for specialized installations. Ashcroft Inc., Stratford, CT, 800-328-8258,

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