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March 1, 2009
A new, compact oil/water separation unit from Siemens for the offshore oil and gas industry cuts residence time necessary for separation by 80% or more, relative to standard flotation systems.

Oil & water separator

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A new, compact oil/water separation unit from Siemens for the offshore oil and gas industry cuts residence time necessary for separation by 80% or more, relative to standard flotation systems. The new Vorsep system incorporates several methods for removing oil from produced and wastewater streams before discharge, reuse or injection. The unit reduces inventoried water in the system and is thus compact and lightweight, ideally suited for offshore applications where footprint and weight are critical. Siemens Water Technologies, Rothschild, WI, 715-355-3524,

Pump tubing

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Cole-Parmer presents Solve-Flex, a new tubing formulation exclusive to its Masterflex peristaltic pump series. This co-extruded material ensures optimal performance inside and out with its inert fluoropolymer liner for superb chemical resistance to chemically aggressive fluids – especially harsh solvents – and the soft, flexible outer jacket that allows for easier handling and loading into the pump head. This tubing is ideal for use with the Masterflex L/S® Easy-Load® and Easy-Load II series pump heads. It's available in Masterflex L/S 17 and L/S 24 sizes. Cole-Parmer Instrument Co., Vernon Hills, IL, 800-323-4340,

Multiparameter instrument

The TechPro II™ TPH1 by Myron L delivers instant, lab-accurate conductivity, TDS, pH and temperature measurements that help protect structures and equipment from scaling and corrosion. It helps optimize industrial processes, control product quality, and check against feed water and effluent contaminants. This unit features easy TDS/pH keypad calibration and stores up to 20 date-time-stamped readings in memory. Myron L Company., 760-438-2021,

Well washing system

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The new EP-1300 Series well washing system for agitating, oxygenating and cleaning pump stations – all without the use of external power or potable water – is a “green solution” for eliminating fat, oil grease (FOG) and biofilm plus H2S and associated odors in the well. Its mechanical action increases dissolved oxygen and promotes aerobic respiration. Users can expect quick paybacks by lowering costs for well vacuuming, water cleaning and dumping of wastes. Anue Environmental Inc., Carlsbad, CA, 800-559-7159,

Centrifugal pump

Iwaki expands its centrifugal pump series with two new models to choose from in its RD family. The RD-12 and RD-12Z increase the performance capabilities as well as provide an external flow adjustment feature via a 1-5VDC third wire input making overall systems more energy efficient. These two new pumps are also available in hose barb and threaded connections. Applications for the RD pump include electronics cooling, servers, power supplies, etc. fuel cell recirculation, and laboratory equipment. Iwaki America Inc., Holliston, MA, 508-429-1440,

Automation change management

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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions has made available Version 5.8 of its Proficy™ Change Management solution. The upgrade provides customers with features that deliver lower total cost of ownership by tracking changes to critical assets. Web-based features of the software make the Change Management client easy to install, deploy and maintain. Powerful capabilities including security, version management audit trails, central storage and automated backup and recovery, ensures this system can help companies keep automation systems running safely and efficiently. GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, Charlottesville, VA, 508-698-7456,

UHP water jet lance

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A new 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) water jet lance from NLB Corp. makes the company's popular 60-second cartridge change and other operator-friendly features available for ultra-high pressure (UHP) applications. The NCG40-286 lance is lightweight and ergonomic, weighing just 13.5 lbs. (16 kg). Its trigger design requires just a light squeeze to initiate jet action, and the operator can immediately dump pressure by pushing the trigger forward. A one-finger latch is designed to prevent accidental actuation, and the hand grip and shoulder stock are adjustable to suit the operator. NLB Corp., Wixom, MI, 248-624-5555,

Rheology outsourcing

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With over 350 cumulative years of rheological experience, ATS RheoSystems' Technical Support Department staff provides outsourcing of rheological testing or consulting services on a project basis. For those organizations without instrumentation, personnel, time or technical background to do the required testing, the company can provide testing in its facilities. Often this approach is more cost effective than purchasing equipment and training personnel to do the testing in-house. ATS Rheosystems, Bordentown, NJ, 609-298-2522,

Sludge reduction

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Procorp introduces the Targeted Phosphorous Extraction Pellet Reactor System. This sustainable zero liquid discharge, chloride-free wastewater treatment system quickly and safely extracts high purity calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate or Struvite pellets directly into a recycle bin to minimize sludge disposal and related costs, eliminate phosphorous loading and run off issues, and reduce chemical usage and cost. It also removes ammonia and phosphorous in one step, while crystallizing the phosphorous into concentrated, self-dewatering reusable pellets. Procorp Enterprises LLC, Milwaukee, WI, 800-449-8777,

Chemical storage tank

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With a partially sloped bottom to improve draining from top suction, Assmann introduces the Base Container BC450 double-wall rectangular, low-profile, chemical storage tank for various material handling applications. The primary tank holds 450 U.S. gallons and allows intermediate bulk containers (IBC) to quickly empty and get back on the road, offering savings on container rentals and storage space. Designed to hold chemical tote bins for up to 3½ hours, it’s constructed from rugged, durable crosslink polyethylene or FDA-approved and NSF-certified linear polyethylene. Assmann Corp. of America, Garrett, IN, 888-357-3181,

COD vial recycling

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Hach and Heritage Environmental Services announced a milestone in their ez COD service: two million vials recycled since its inception. The ez COD Recycling Service started in 2005 and was the first of its kind in the United States. The program works in three convenient steps: Deposit used Hach COD vial directly into recycling container, contact Heritage to schedule waste removal appropriate for the facility, and reorder as needed. This service provides all wastewater facilities with a DOT-approved recycling container, prepared handling documents and pre-paid transportation to a recycling facility for environmentally sound reagent reclamation. Hach Company, Loveland, CO, 800-227-4224,

Pump selection software

PUMP-FLO™ Solutions, an ESI business and provider of pump selection software to the fluid handling industry, released its latest version, PUMP-FLO Version 10. This fourth release of the program in the last 10 years coincides with addition of the 100th pump manufacturer to lend its catalog for inclusion in the software suite. The software is used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors, and pump users/specifiers in sizing and selection of pumps, showing dynamic pump curves, and aids purchasers and suppliers in the quotation process. Engineered Software Inc., Lacey, WA, 800-786-8545,

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