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Sept. 1, 2010
ITT has enhanced its Goulds Pumps line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps with the introduction of new e-SV™ models.
Vertical pumps

ITT has enhanced its Goulds Pumps line of stainless steel, vertical multi-stage pumps with the introduction of new e-SV™ models. Featuring an innovative hydraulic design and efficiency characteristics that lower lifecycle costs and increase energy savings, the pumps are suited for a wide variety of applications. The new pumps also have a number of design innovations that simplify installation and reduce maintenance time. The "O" ring seat is designed to allow disassembly of the outer sleeve, and the mechanical seal can be replaced without removing the motor. Goulds Pumps, a brand of ITT Corp.,

RO modules

Culligan recently unveiled a line of reverse osmosis (RO) products as part of its Matrix Solutions™ water treatment systems. The RO line offers customers a range of options based on their unique water quantity and quality requirements, from 0.2 gallons per minute to over 300 gpm. When more modifications or customizations are required, Culligan can specifically engineer a solution to meet the customer's application requirements. The G-Series of RO modules is suited for industrial applications including boilers/steam production; pretreatment for high purity systems; reclaim/recycling; and more. Culligan, 877- 816-5103,

Blower packages

Kaeser's new DB blower series is the latest member of the Com-paK Plus family. The DB 166C and DB 236C offer reduced footprint, simple installation and maintenance, as well as reduced noise and vibration. The units feature the company's Omega Control Basic™ - providing full control and package protection. The controller integrates motor starters and instrumentation, which reduces installation cost and provides assurance that the package will run the first time. Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, VA, 800-777-7873,

Frac water treatment

Siemens Water Technologies has launched a new suite of products that provide comprehensive mobile water treatment solutions for the oil & gas industry, specifically in shale gas applications. The FracTreat line of products includes mobile continuous precipitation, mobile flotation and a mobile combination pilot unit - all of which help improve effluent water quality and reduce the demand on fresh water sources by recycling treated effluent. The FracTreat mobile precipitation system combines several proven technologies into a single packaged unit for removal of heavy metals and suspended solids. Siemens Water Technologies, Warrendale, PA,

Produced water treatment

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has developed a transportable water treatment system for treating Produced Water generated from gas exploration activities at Marcellus Shale drilling sites. The application of the company's proprietary Multiflo™ Softening technology removes the scale-forming constituents in the water to the extent necessary for reuse in gas exploration fracing operations. The modular design of the portable unit will enable drilling companies to move it from site to site throughout the gas fields. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, 412-809-6712,

Self-cleaning filters

Forsta Filters™ has released the M-90 automatic water filter. At less than 12" tall, it can incorporate into nearly any piping system. Automatic backwash allows the filter to clean itself as needed, and requires almost no routine maintenance. It features a stainless steel body, screen, and components. Flow capacities range up to 100 gallons per minute, and screen mesh is available to 5 micron. The M-90 uses a single 1" flush valve and uses less than two gallons in the 6 seconds backwash cycle. Forsta Filters, Los Angeles, CA, 888-936-7782,

Cooling water control

GE has introduced a technology platform called TrueSense™ that gives users previously unavailable tools to optimize productivity and increase water savings in the monitoring and control of cooling water systems. The system integrates three new and unique functionalities into one platform: direct online monitoring of critical water chemistries; personal instrumentation that cuts offline testing time; and a data analysis and display capability that provides insight into system status. A core element of the platform is TrueSense Online for Cooling, a single unified online technology that can directly measure and monitor multiple core chemistries that are applied for cooling water treatment. GE Power & Water, Trevose, PA,

PVC, CPVC fittings

GF Piping Systems has announced immediate availability of large diameter, molded fittings for its PVC and CPVC Schedule 80 Piping Systems. The fittings are available in 45° elbows, 90° elbows, tees, couplings, flanges, reducer bushings, and caps in 10" and 12" sizes. The full Schedule 80 offering includes sizes from ½" to 12". Designed for handling a broad range of fluids, the piping systems feature high chemical and corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohols and other corrosives, offering a durable solution for a variety of industrial applications. GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA,

Ultrasonic flow meter

Hoffer Flow Controls has introduced the Transi-Flo I, a new AC powered ultrasonic flow meter designed to provide accurate measurement of conductive, non-conductive and aggressive liquids. The meter uses transit time technology to measure the difference in the waves traveling in and against the fluid flow direction. It is available in single and dual beam configurations. System accuracy is ± 1% using single beam or ±.5% using dual beam. Hoffer Flow Controls, Elizabeth City, NC,

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