Jan. 1, 2010
Argonide has recently announced the development of the NanoCeram-LR™ (NCLR) high performance pleated filter cartridges ...
Electropositive pleated filters

Argonide has recently announced the development of the NanoCeram-LR™ (NCLR) high performance pleated filter cartridges specifically engineered and designed to replace lenticular filters. This pleated filter cartridge has a lower shipping weight per cartridge to help reduce shipping costs. And, since each NCLR holds less water, it eases the process of filter replacement for the operator. Each filter cartridge contains the company’s patented non-woven filter media matrix infused with nanoalumina fibers, creating an electropositively-charged depth filter. Argonide Corporation, Sanford, FL, 407-322-2500,

Self-cleaning filters

Forsta Filters has released its Green-Clean industrial filtration technology. Without interrupting system flow during backwash, the system uses smaller flush valves to minimize the volume of water required to remove buildup on a filter element by up to 70%. Using internal vacuum nozzles, the system scans and removes debris from the filter in 15 seconds or less. The company offers a full line of self-cleaning water filters (1-36” flange size), with screen elements ranging from 5 to 4000 micron. Forsta Filters Inc., Las Angeles, CA, 888-936-7782,

Membrane modules

Porex TMF cross-flow tubular membrane modules contain unique, structural membrane tubes. The strength of the membrane/substrate composite allows higher operating and backwash pressures for improved solids removal efficiency, higher flux and reduced system footprint. The structural composite membrane features PVDF membrane bonded to PVDF substrate or anchored to PE substrate. Three distinct membrane pore sizes are available on two different substrate options. Porex Technologies, Fairburn, GA, 800-241-0195,

Filter bags

Eaton’s new UNIBAG Series Filter Bags feature a molded top ring seal and all-welded construction of new needlefelt media - made from recycled fibers containing no optical white additives. Singed on the outside for maximum stability and prevention of fiber release, the filters feature high-strength welded construction on the side and bottom. The unique Uniring™ on the top provides optimum sealing and eliminates bypass common with snap ring designs. The filter bags are available in both Polypropylene and Polyester media construction to fit and seal most industry standard Number 1 (7” x 16”) and Number 2 (7” x 32”) size bag vessels. Eaton Corp., Cleveland, OH,

Point-of-use polisher

Millipore has introduced the LC-Pak™ point-of-use polisher, which provides ultrapure water with very low traces of organics for analytical techniques such as UPLC®, LC-MS or LC-MS/MS. Although industry standard Milli-Q® water has long been a satisfactory solution for these advanced techniques, recent advances have increased the sensitivity of organic and biochemical molecule detection. As a result, chromatographers increasingly need higher quality ultrapure water The LC-Pak cartridge contains tightly packed C18 reverse phase silica that binds organic molecules through hydrophobic interactions. Millipore Corp., 800-548-7853,

RO treatment

Siemens Water Technologies has released a new second pass reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system to the offshore oil and gas industry. The system can be used on offshore platforms and drilling rigs to generate high quality water on-board. The system is a rugged, pre-engineered, pre-assembled, standardized system that minimizes installation and start-up costs. On-site generation of water helps reduce costs and provides an additional source of water supply for various applications on the platform or rig. Siemens Industry Solutions Division,

Stormwater filtration

Transpo Industries’ EnviroSafe™ StormSafe HF10 with Advanced Radial Flow Stormwater Filter Technology is designed specifically to reduce pathogens and bacteria contained in surface water runoff at high flow rates. As an end-of-pipe solution, the system is scalable and can be built with up to six filter tubes providing treatment rates from 2 to nearly 20 cfs. The filter tubes use helical filtering elements to provide a filtering path through proprietary anti-microbial filtration media. This reduces bacteria by up to 90%. Transpo Industries, New Rochelle, NY, 800-321-7870,

Cation exchange resins

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS has developed a new generation of gel-type cation exchange resins for industrial water treatment. Lewatit MonoPlus S 108 and Lewatit MonoPlus S 108 H are the result of several years of research work, and are noted for an excellent leaching behavior and outstanding chemical stability. They are also noted for the fact that the resin beads remain in excellent condition even after many operating cycles. Even with short cycle times – i.e. with frequent changes between regeneration and exhaustion – the special monodisperse ion exchange matrix ensures long service life. LANXESS, Leverkusen, Germany,

Filtration systems

Highland Tank Advanced Filtration Systems (AFS) provide efficient removal of a variety of hydrocarbons, ranging from BTEX to crude oil, from water. They also help safeguard the environment and personnel from harmful, persistent chemicals and pollutants. The systems contain oleophobic filters that use a patented hydrocarbon removal technology that instantly bonds hydrocarbons to the filter media-making them hydrophobic and viscoelastic - removing them completely from the water. Highland Tank, Stoystown, PA, 814-893-5701,

RO systems

Pentair Water Commercial & Industrial Purity Solutions (CIPS) has introduced Deluxe HighPure RO Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems designed to solve a variety of water problems in ingredient water, high purity rinse water, boiler feed water, ion exchange pretreatment, lab and analytical testing, drip irrigation, community water vending and a host of additional applications. To ensure quality permeate water production, systems include a continuous digital TDS meter, along with automated control, status lights and digital error codes that allow operators to closely monitor water quality and system status. Pentair Water Commercial & Industrial Purity Solutions, Brookfield, WI, 603-749-1610,

DBP, TOC reduction

The High Rate MIEX® System uses an advanced ion exchange process for the removal contaminants from water and wastewater streams and is most commonly used for the reduction of TOC, disinfection by-products, color, and nitrate. These systems have small footprints, very low waste volumes and are not subject to chromatographic peaking. The resin used in the process has a magnetic property that allows the resin beads to be retained in a fluidized bed at high hydraulic loading rates. The system can be used as a stand-alone treatment process or in combination with other processes to meet more than one treatment objective. can be achieved. Orica Watercare, Watkins, CO, 877-414-6439,

High purity water

Siemens Water Technologies has introduced the Vantage VNX system, an eco-friendly, high purity water system for the power, microelectronics and general industry markets. These compact, modular skidded systems are a green alternative to chemically regenerated mixed-bed deionization (MBDI) systems and are designed to produce 50 gpm (11.4 m3/hr) to 900 gpm (204.4 m3/hr) of deionized water from RO feed. The compact skid system incorporate Ionpure continuous EDI (CEDI) technology that uses stackable high-flow VNX modules. CEDI is a simple and chemical-free process for deionizing water using a combination of selective ion exchange membranes, conductive resins, and electricity to remove ions from water. Siemens Water Technologies Corp., Colorado Springs, CO, 719-550-2137,

Self-cleaning filters

Amiad automatic self-cleaning filters are effective at removing suspended sediment while cleaning themselves as needed with the company’s highly focused suction scanner technology. They are nearly maintenance free, with no cartridges to replace, no chemicals or coagulants to handle, no media carryover, low energy demand and a bare minimum of back flush water. Amiad Filtration Systems, Oxnard, CA, Tel: 800-969-4055, Web:

Submerged aerated filter

Bord na Mona’s PuraSAF filter provides a cost effective, low energy, pre-engineered wastewater treatment solution that is simple to operate and maintain. The filter media are produced from recycled plastic that provide an ideal medium for biological attached growth. The process uses the media to provide improved oxygen transfer rates. The filter normally operates in an upflow packed bed configuration that is readily fluidized for cleaning and desludging. In aerobic mode, it offers a small footprint, low headloss solution for BOD and nitrification, and in an unaerated mode as an anoxic stage for denitrification or as a low-cost tertiary solids filter that approaches sand filter quality. Bord na Mona Environmental Products, Greensboro, NC, Tel: 800-787-2356, Web:

RO systems

ITT Water Equipment Technologies provides expertise in designing, manufacturing, programming and servicing reverse osmosis systems. Designed to meet project specifications, the company’s offering ranges from systems as much as 3 mgd, or more, to small filter cartridges and housings. Project management, along with special attention to the customer’s expectations, provides the buyer with a direct point of contact from concept to operation. WET has been providing advanced filtration solutions to treat the world’s water needs for 35 years. ITT Water Equipment Technologies, Tel: 800-786-7480, Web:

Gravity filters

Hi-Tech offers a complete line of multi-media gravity filters for potable water and wastewater treatment applications. Standard models are available to treat flow rates up to 1400 gpm. Each filter includes the components necessary for daily operation. Air scour and backwash cycles are adjustable, providing optimized filter performance. Hi-Tech Environmental Inc., Birmingham, AL, Tel: 800-264-7005, Web:

Cloth media filter

Municipal Filtration Co., maker of the Muni-Disk® static plate cloth media filter, has introduced a new line of compact tertiary filtration systems designed to treat smaller flows in the range of 10-150 gpm. Statiks™ cloth media filters come in compact, efficient packages and use the same patented gravity flow hydraulics and unique cloth media technology to eliminate mechanical wear items including pumps, drive motors, chain gears, backwash/sludge manifolds, and other mechanical moving parts. Municipal Filtration Co., Madison, WI, Tel: 608-240-8987, Web:

Cloth filtration media

Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ cloth research and development over 17 years have resulted in the OptiFiber® family of cloth filtration media. Its selection of engineered, application-specific media offers unique performance characteristics, a variety of construction materials, solids storage depth by abundant individual fibers, less operator attention, and lower maintenance requirements. More than 600 systems have been installed worldwide. The media is ideal for tertiary filtration, reuse/recycle and phosphorus removal applications in new plants and retrofits, and is available exclusively with AquaDisk®, Aqua MiniDisk®, and AquaDiamond® filters. Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Rockford, IL, Tel: 815-654-2501, Web:

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