WEFTEC Show Preview

July 1, 2018
A sneak peek at some of the products and services that will be on display in the exhibit hall at WEFTEC.18.

Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2018 • New Orleans, Louisiana

The 2018 Water Environment Federation Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC.18) — considered the largest annual water quality event in the world — will take place Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2018, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention center (NOMCC) in New Orleans, La. This is the event’s 91st year in operation, and with a wide range of programming topics to cover and events to attend, there is something for everyone in the water business.

More than 33,000 attendees attended 2017’s event, and this year, the numbers are expected to grow, with attendees hailing from all corners of the water sector. Festivities will kick off on Oct. 1 with the Opening General Session at 8:30 a.m. in Great Hall A, NOMCC. Following remarks from 2017-18 WEF President Jenny Hartfelder and WEF Executive Director Eileen O’Neill, the session, entitled “Be a Hero. Water’s Worth It,” will be led by motivational speaker and author of The Hero Effect™ Kevin Brown.

From WEFTEC: “After overcoming years of struggles and fighting against the odds to succeed, Kevin learned that he was surrounded by people who selflessly supported him, even when he didn’t deserve it. These people were his ‘everyday heroes’ and became the inspiration for his simple philosophy: we all have the potential to be heroes — to powerfully impact others through our words, actions, attitudes, and choices.”

This year’s event programming includes a wide range of topics for everyone in the water industry, including: collection systems (management, operations and maintenance, infrastructure, overflow reduction, wet weather planning, watershed approaches, and regulations); energy conservation and management (resource recovery, combined heat and power, biogas optimization); membrane technologies (application in wastewater and water reuse, innovations, enhanced performance, regulatory compliance); plant operations and treatment (innovations, technologies, processes, and proven solutions in water and wastewater treatment, including nutrient removal and odor control); regulations (CMOM/SSO rules, TMDL/watershed rules, nutrient trading, and NPDES Phase II); and more.

Companies from across the globe will present their technologies and services in the exhibit hall. This is the ideal place to meet with vendors and other industry members to solve complex problems and troubleshoot solutions. The seventh annual Innovation Pavilion, located in booth 3157-3158 and 3235, is the place to find the latest water sector innovations and provides access to the leaders and the technologies making it all happen.

The following pages contain a sneak peek at some of the products and services that will be on display in the exhibit hall. For more information, visit www.weftec.org. IWW

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Exhibit Floor Hours

Mon., Oct. 1: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Tues., Oct. 2: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Weds., Oct. 3: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Valve maintenance

Wachs Utility Products manufactures equipment that is used to isolate, exercise and analyze water distribution valves to address valve-turning requirements and safe pipe cutting, including vacuums for valve box excavation, extended reach machines to operate valves and software to manage distribution system assets.

Wachs Utility Products


Booth 1537

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Progressing cavity pump

The EZstrip™ maintain-in-place progressing cavity pump from NOV is designed with new features to make maintenance more user friendly. It has quick and safe removal of the full drive train including rotor, stator, shaft, rod and seal. With its patented Positive Torque Split Coupling Rod, maintenance and assembly times are reduced. The tie-bar-free design allows the EZstator clamps to lock the stator securely in place, further reducing stator removal time by over 50% and improving safety of common maintenance operations. Available in cast iron or stainless steel with a choice of rotor and stator materials, it suits multiple applications.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV)


Booth 1313

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Cutter tools

The 890PG Hydraulic-Power Cutter with PowerGrit® chain offers cutting depths of up to 25” in ductile iron, cast iron, HDPE and more. The deep cutting ability of the 890PG allows the operator to make a single cut from one side, meaning less excavation is required. Designed for wet cutting with an integrated water delivery system that reduces airborne particles during the cut. The 890PG is capable of operating the full line of FORCE4® concrete cutting chains, meaning you can use the power cutter on masonry, stone, and even reinforced concrete.

ICS Diamond Tools & Equipment


Booth 7723

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Chlorine ton scale

The Chlor-Scale® Ton Container Scale from Force Flow provides an accurate and reliable way to monitor the amount of chlorine used in your disinfection process. Knowing the exact amount fed allows you to document that target disinfection levels have been consistently met. Knowing how much chlorine remains in the tank also helps prevent running out of chemical and stops the costly mistake of tanks being sent back to the supplier with chlorine still in them. The steel rectangular tube platform is robotically welded then epoxy powder coated to insure maximum strength for safety and durability. Electronic and hydraulic versions available.

Force Flow


Booth 3917

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TOC analyzer

From industrial process water and wastewater to concentrated brine streams, the Sievers® InnovOx Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is designed to measure organic carbon in a broad range of water samples. Offering a dynamic operating range of 50 ppb to 50, 000 ppm, this analyzer ensures superior TOC recovery and accuracy with its patented Supercritical Water Oxidation technique. This technique makes the analyzer far more robust and offers greater uptime in harsh sample matrices. Add TOC monitoring to your industrial water applications to protect equipment, avoid regulatory fines and detect process changes.



Booth 4017

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Aerobic granular sludge system

The AquaNereda system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems represents an evolution in activated sludge treatment. The patented aerobic granular sludge technology, owned by Royal HaskoningDHV, replicates the same effluent quality as a well-­designed enhanced BNR facility but without the use of chemicals. The dramatically reduced footprint and low energy requirement of the AquaNereda process provides a competitive alternative for high performance plants. Aqua-­Aerobic Systems has built a full-scale Aqua­Nereda system at the Rock River Water Reclamation District in Rockford, Ill. This facility demonstrates the AquaNereda Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology and will help accelerate the implementation of aerobic granular sludge technology in North America.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.


Booth 6625

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Sewer system

The enhanced FPS PowerSewer® System from Franklin Electric is a low-pressure sewer system available in 60-, 72-, 84-, and 96-inch basin sizes that is compatible with the entire line of Franklin Electric FPS 2 hp grinder pumps. The basin’s internal C-Channel assembly releases from the top of the unit, simplifying accessibility to and maintenance of its components. The updated tank design provides for easy access and replacement of all other internal components. The float tree is spring loaded and easily removable, with a lift handle to simplify pump removal.

Franklin Electric


Booth 7927

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Coating systems

The selection of coating systems is one of the most critical phases of creating and maintaining a wastewater treatment facility. PPG has been a leading provider of high-performance coatings to ensure long-lasting protection against the corrosive environments and chemicals present in wastewater treatment facilities.

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings


Booth 4604

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