Products & Services: Membranes

March 1, 2018
Collection of membrane-related products and services for the industrial water and wastewater market.

Membrane software with CCRO modeling

Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) technology now comes with the PROTON Membrane Aqueous Chemistry Calculator software from American Water Chemicals. Gives application engineers the ability to design systems using CCRO and operators the ability to optimize and troubleshoot their existing CCRO systems. The software allows users to design a membrane array, then compare the performance of any of the major manufacturers’ membrane elements under identical conditions. Users can see the impact of various designs on scaling potential, permeate quality and pressure in real time as user-defined inputs (recovery, flux, crossflow velocity, pH, temperature) are adjusted.


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Ceramic hollow fiber UF/MF membrane

i2m LLC has extended its ceramic hollow fiber membrane portfolio, CERA~DUR, to suit specific filtration needs covering both ultrafiltration and microfiltration. With pore sizes including 30 nm, 80 nm, 100 nm and 130 nm, these ceramic UF/MF membranes deliver a stable flux rate of 50-500 LMH. CERA~DUR can handle up to 100,000 ppm TSS, 200,000 ppm COD and 5,000 ppm oil while delivering high-quality permeate water for disposal/reuse with <1 ppm TSS, <500 ppm COD and <5 ppm oil. Ideal uses include filtration for large volumes of industrial water and wastewater utilizing minimal space and energy.

i2m LLC

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Universal ultrafiltration rack

As one of the most progressive manufacturers of municipal membrane systems in North America, Wigen Water Technologies has developed the Spectrum™ Universal Ultrafiltration Rack for wastewater recycling applications. The Spectrum Universal Ultrafiltration Rack has been designed to accommodate MF and UF modules from several different manufacturers in response to customer demand for the ability to select between membrane modules without replacing existing infrastructure.

Wigen Water Technologies

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Membrane filtration technology

Water Planet’s PolyCera® membrane filtration technology is based on advanced polymeric materials. Available as flat sheets or in Water Planet’s proprietary spiral monolith elements, PolyCera membranes extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration to the most challenging applications. Water Planet’s spiral monolith elements leverage PolyCera’s benefits in a ceramic-like crossflow, back-washable filtration module. Water Planet’s testing to date shows OpEx savings up to 40% relative to commodity polymer membranes and 80% relative to ceramic membranes. The result is the first commercial membrane product with ceramic-like performance and polymer-like economics.

Polycera Membranes

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Ultrafiltration membrane

GE’s ZeeWeed 700B horizontal-designed, inside-out ultrafiltration (UF) membrane offers seawater pretreatment for injection and solids removal in multiple applications. Using SevenBore fiber technology, ZeeWeed 700B are blended polyethersulphone (PES) membranes, which allow the membrane to stay permanently hydrophilic and reduce the fouling tendency. When compared to granular filter media and cartridge filters, the ZeeWeed 700B membrane produces superior water quality and is virtually unaffected by variable raw water quality. It extends the life of a sulfate removal unit by providing an improved pretreatment technology, decreased life cycle costs and reduced weight.

GE Water

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Flotation filtration

akvoFloat™ is a separation technology based on a proprietary flotation-­filtration process. The process leverages the akvola MicroBubble Generator™, flat sheet ceramic membranes and proprietary membrane cleaning strategies for the total oil and suspended solids removal in hard-to-treat waters. The technology was designed to clean hard-to-treat industrial wastewater containing high concentrations of oil (free, dispersed and emulsified) and suspended solids.

akvola Technologies

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