New Products

May 1, 2018
New products for the industrial water and wastewater industry.

Grinder pump

The Champion Pump 2-HP grinder pump provides up to 133’ TDH and flows up to 42 GPM. The pump features a double-seal configuration with a seal-failure alarm option. The starting components are optional in the pump, eliminating the need for expensive control panels. Also available in 3-Phase. The quick disconnect cord is readily available up to 50’. This allows the pump to easily be replaced without disturbing the wiring in the panel and conduit. The pump is offered as a packaged system complete with guide rails built to specifications.

Champion Pump

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Canfield Connector, a leading manufacturer of solenoid valve connectors, has released its Gatormate GT Series, a set of fully assembled, tested and ready-to-use connector modules that eliminate field wiring. The molded, all-in-one GT Series connector sets save users the labor and expense of crimping, assembly and testing in the field. The GT Series cord sets feature indicator lights that streamline troubleshooting by lighting up to confirm the connectors are receiving power. They feature an IP67 rating and are resistant to shock, vibration, moisture and dust. Available in plug and receptacle versions and in many wire lengths and styles.

Canfield Connector

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Actuator for diaphragm pumps

Pulsafeeder’s new XAE Actuator brings a higher level of precision and remote control to the PulsaPro family of diaphragm pumps. PulsaPro metering pumps are used to dose a specific volume of chemicals for numerous applications in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, and throughout the upstream oil and gas industry. The API-compliant XAE Actuator is an electromechanical servo controller that provides remote control of PulsaPro hydraulic diaphragm pumps to alter flow rates as required by the process. Alarm relays alert users to unintended changes in flow rates, including stop conditions.


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Pivot head valve keys

Often a valve may lean to one side due to ground shifting or improper setting of the valve, making it difficult to get a fixed socket valve tool on the operating nut. Sometimes it is even impossible. The swiveling socket on the VKP valve key from Reed Manufacturing will work on any valve regardless of how crooked it has become over time. All Reed valve keys feature strong welds at critical points and are made in the USA.

Reed Manufacturing

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Emulsion-breaking waste treatment products

A Brite’s WBC products are customized solutions designed to break emulsions and encapsulate the oils from spent coolants and other highly emulsified oils, then capture them as a non-hazardous sludge. Bentonite clay-based wastewater treatment products remove emulsified oils, metals and suspended solids, and work in a wide pH range. All reactions necessary for chemical treatment are packaged in the WBC blend, which means only one tank is necessary to perform all treatment — reducing floor space; reducing the required number of pumps, valves and power; reducing the chance of mechanical failure; and simplifying operations.

A Brite Company

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Stainless-steel centrifugal pump line

Scot Pump, A Wilo Company, has expanded its line of stamped 304 stainless-steel pumps with NPT connections to include nine new ANSI flanged centerline discharge models. The new 320-328 series covers up to 385 gpm and 275 ft of head. The pumps feature Scot’s proven slip-fit O-ring/flinger design, which prevents leaks caused by deformation as a result of over-tightening. They are mounted on a JM frame and incorporate a back pull-out design and weep holes in the impeller. The weep holes extend seal life by creating fluid movement in the seal cavity, which aids in venting of air at start-up.

Scot Pump

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Dispensing systems

Sulzer Mixpac USA Inc., a leading innovator of two-component adhesive dispensing systems, has released the MIXPAC™ MixCoat™ Spray model for small volume applications, touch-up, and repairs. Unlike large and expensive plural component spray equipment that is difficult to transport, the MixCoat Spray system is extremely lightweight. This means it is easy and fast to set up, clean up and break down, so users lose very little time for the maintenance cycle. The system works well with challenging-to-apply, 100-percent-solid epoxies and fast-set polyurethanes and polyureas. It also works well with new abrasion-resistant specialty coatings, including those with glass flake additives.


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Vibration monitor

The DATAWATCH IX vibration monitor recording device features a graphical VGA display, and four or eight universal inputs for data display and recording. Designed for 4-20 mA vibration transmitter inputs. The 88 mm (3.5 in) display offers clear visualization of vibration and process parameters with a wide selection of configurable views to best suit the application. Can be ordered mounted within a NEMA 4X enclosure that has been pre-wired and configured for your convenience.


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Diaphragm valve

GEMÜ Group offers an extensive range of products presenting solutions for numerous applications. The GEMU 613 Diaphragm Valve is a plastic diaphragm ideal for use in water, seawater desalination and wastewater treatment. Features include a low-maintenance electric actuator with reversible synchronous motor, a reduction gear that is operated via a cam, a spring that ensures continuous contact between the cam and the valve spindle, and an optical position indicator.

GEMÜ Group

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Condensate density measurement

The Dynatrol® Density System consists of two components: the CL10-HYv2 density cell and a Series 2000 digital converter to measure the density of condensate. Dynatrol Density Cells are rugged enough to withstand harsh environments and come in a full range of corrosion-resistant materials that are both weather-tight and explosion-proof. They also serve broad temperature and pressure ratings. There are no motors, bearings, spindles or moving parts to maintain, which provides and ensures a virtually wear-free and long operating life. A two-line LCD displays temperature, density, product frequency and status. It has a 4-20 mA standard output and a RS-232 two-way communication.

Automation Products Inc. – DYNATROL® Division

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Automated titrators

The Orion Star T910 pH titrator from Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed for dedicated acid-base titrations, including titratable acidity of juices, wines and food products, alkalinity of waters, acidity or alkalinity of consumer products, total acid number (TAN) and total base number (TBN). It is part of the new Thermo Scientific Orion Star T900 Series of automated titrators. As automated systems, these titrators facilitate easy and intuitive setup and operation, regardless of experience level, while accelerating turnaround times for improved laboratory efficiency and productivity. The potential for human error is minimized, providing confidence that reliable results can be obtained to confirm sample quality and suitability for intended use of the material.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Dynamic movement joint

The Style W257 Dynamic Movement Joint is an efficient solution to accommodate differential settlement and seismic movement in large-diameter piping systems. Comprised of the Victaulic® Style W77 AGS™ Flexible Couplings, short pipe nipples, and longer center pipe spool, the pre-assembled Style W257 joint reduces installation complexity, and provides a higher level of performance and reliability. The couplings are self-aligning and provide a visual confirmation of proper assembly from the metal-to-metal bolt pad contact. The joint is available in 14-78”/DN350-DN1950 sizes.


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Self-aligning dome fittings for poly tanks

Assmann provides three sizes of PVC fittings, which provide a vertical plumbing connection at the top of tanks with a radius dome. The ball socket design corrects for the slope of the dome. The fittings have female pipe thread inside and outside of the tank wall. Fitting and gasket must be ordered separately. These fittings are also available in Hastelloy and titanium construction, male and double male only.

Assmann Corporation of America

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Paralleling switchgear

Russelectric, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, supplies paralleling switchgear to monitor a facility’s incoming power. In the event of a power failure, the generator paralleling control and distribution switchgear systems ensure the transfer of critical emergency backup power. Systems are customizable and utilize redundant PLC controls and include full manual capabilities that would allow for operation of the system in the unlikely event of a failure of the redundant PLC based controls.


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Metering pumps

LMI, a leading manufacturer of controlled-volume metering pumps and a brand of Accudyne Industries, recently announced the PD Series of chemical metering pumps. The PD Series helps users simplify selection, configuration and operation. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for operators to examine capacity settings and set flow rates to a desired output. These features improve safety and give operators confidence that the pumps are working as configured. New alarm indicators for tank levels are brightly displayed on a large color display.


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Combustion control analyzer

To improve energy efficiency and meet environmental regulatory requirements for small and midsize boiler markets, Emerson introduces the Rosemount CX1100 in situ oxygen analyzer, the first high-performance, zirconia cell-based combustion control system designed for these users. The new system offers the ease of use, economy, and simplified maintenance they require for flue gas measurement. It features the same sensor reliability found in large industrial technology, but the system is built to the requirements of boilers used in food and beverage, manufacturing, commercial, and municipal applications. All-welded construction and no reference gas requirement reduce installation and maintenance costs.


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Digital dosing

Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps are programmed to dose exactly the right amount of chemicals to meet treatment needs while reducing operation costs. These intelligent pumps offer consistent flow and accurate process control for industrial water and wastewater applications, extending the life of your RO membranes.


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