Products & Services: SCADA & Process Control

Jan. 1, 2019
Collection of SCADA and process control for the industrial water and wastewater market.

Electronic software delivery ecosystem

NOS Microsystems is making the transition to industry 4.0 seamless for industrial automation customers around the world with its electronic software delivery (ESD) solution, getPlus. The software delivery manager is lightweight at just 200 kB (<1 MB) on the client side, so small that it does not even require installation, but it packs an incredible punch. It is not only a software manager but an intelligent ecosystem that fully and easily integrates into clients’ existing databases to establish ESD or enhance the ratio of existing ESD with easy, self-service access to software updates.

NOS Microsystems Ltd

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Real-time process control

Nalco Water’s OMNI program improves critical asset performance for power and chemical producers through a new digital platform and real-time process control technology. OMNI’s real-time insights and agile process control abilities drive efficiency, resulting in lower water usage, lower operating costs and improved asset reliability. The OMNI program is designed to predict and prevent scale, corrosion and microbial factors that impact the performance of surface condensers and total heat exchangers. Precise data monitoring, asset simulation and expert water insights provide visibility into potential issues before they become shutdowns or other production losses.

Nalco Water, an Ecolab company

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Wireless system

WaveContact Modular Wireless Systems from FreeWave Technologies deliver rugged, simple and flexible solutions at a low CAPEX or OPEX price point for a wide array of industries and applications. WaveContact interfaces with a wide variety of sensors deployed in industrial and critical infrastructure markets such as oil and gas, electric power, water and wastewater, and environmental monitoring. The product line is built for short-range field applications where simplicity and ease of use in Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations are critical for success.

FreeWave Technologies

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Pipeline management

Yokogawa Electric Corporation’s Enterprise Pipeline Management Solution (EPMS) suite is the product of over 20 years of Yokogawa experience in implementing oil and gas pipeline management solutions across the globe. Developed for deployment at the heart of the pipeline operations management environment, the EPMS supplements a core SCADA platform with specific gas and liquid applications that enable a pipeline operator to manage delivery contracts and associated logistics in a safe, cost effective, and efficient manner.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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Wireless valve monitoring technology

Rotork’s RI Wireless is a revolutionary end-to-end solution of wireless valve monitoring. It provides real-time full-range position indication to the control system and enables predictive maintenance on actuated valves. The system is field-proven in a variety of industries and applications and has been shown to drive CAPEX and OPEX reduction while increasing safety and productivity. The position sensor can be adapted to any valve or valve and actuator combination. The associated scalable mesh network provides redundancy and is easily configured and integrated into standard automation systems: PLC, DCS, SCADA.


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Distributed control system

EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled, open and interoperable system architecture and platform. Delivering innovation at every level across connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics and services, the EcoStruxure architecture enables scalable design and operation of connected systems with best-in-class cybersecurity built in at every layer.

Schneider Electric

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