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Feb. 1, 2018
Collection of filtration related products and services for the industrial water and wastewater market.

Shelco Filters offers ASME Code certification for its USF Series and USB Series of filter housings. The certification follows globally accepted engineering standards, which ensures integrity, quality and durability in production and performance. Shelco’s USF Multi-cartridge Housings and USB Bag Housings, which are entirely manufactured in the United States, are constructed in 304L or 316L stainless steel for maximum durability, are available to accept a wide variety of filter cartridges, and are designed to handle the most aggressive industrial filter applications. Shelco’s heavy-duty ASME Code Cartridge Housings are available in various sizes, materials of construction and custom features.

Shelco Filters

Mesh filter

GKD-USA introduces a completely new mesh filter for the oil and gas exploration and water filtration markets. Called porometric mesh, it is a new mesh weave with significantly more porosity and air permeability. Developed from a comprehensive experimental study in which the erosion behavior of filter media for sand control in well pipes was investigated, the new type of mesh brings oil and gas exploration facilities more throughput at local pore velocities. For water and wastewater filtration facilities, the mesh offers high permeability, low-pressure losses and a sharp particle retention rate.


Advanced filtration

Spiral Water Technologies introduces the Model S1000 automatic self-cleaning filter. Made with a robust stainless-steel housing, it can be used for both process and wastewater streams. Designed to remove ultra-high and variable total suspended solids (TSS) from difficult-to-treat fluids in industrial process and wastewater treatment applications, it is ideal for use in such markets as food and beverage, power, chemicals, metals, and mining. It can operate at a maximum flow rate of 1,360 cubic meters per day (250 gpm), pressures up to 10.3 bar (150 psi) at 70°F, and temperatures up to 220°F (105°C).

Spiral Water Technologies

Granular peat filtration

Axon Environmental Filters from Batta Technologies use thermally treated Swedish peat to filter oil, petroleum and heavy metals from water. The peat absorbs petroleum, adsorbs heavy metals, won’t take on water (hydrophobic), and can be disposed of easily. Design includes a pre-sedimentation chamber, and two peat chambers for increased contact time with filter media. Effluent water contains almost no contaminants and is clean enough for release into the environment by EPA standards.

Batta Technologies

Ceramic hollow fiber UF/MF membrane

i2m LLC has extended its ceramic hollow fiber membrane portfolio, CERA~DUR, to suit specific filtration needs covering both ultrafiltration and microfiltration. With pore sizes including 30 nm, 80 nm, 100 nm and 130 nm, these ceramic UF/MF membranes deliver a stable flux rate of 50-500 LMH. CERA~DUR can handle up to 100,000 ppm TSS, 200,000 ppm COD and 5,000 ppm oil while delivering high-quality permeate water for disposal/reuse with <1 ppm TSS, <500 ppm COD and <5 ppm oil. Ideal uses include filtration for large volumes of industrial water and wastewater utilizing minimal space and energy.

i2m LLC

Horizontal decanter centrifuge

PHOENIX Process Equipment Company is a global leader in liquid/solids separation for the municipal and industrial wastewater industries. The company specializes in thickening and dewatering technologies including table thickeners, belt filter presses, recessed chamber and membrane filter presses, decanter centrifuges and chemical systems. The PHOENIX/SCI Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge provides a compact and efficient dewatering solution to your sludge processing needs.

PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.

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