Sept. 1, 2003
Moeller Electric offers a line of standard and custom-engineered pump control panels that can be built for special applications such as harsh or corrosive environments.

Pump control panels

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Moeller Electric offers a line of standard and custom-engineered pump control panels that can be built for special applications such as harsh or corrosive environments. The panels use a full range of power and control components made in modular blocks for both fuse and fuse-less designs, ready to handle the switching and controlling of pump equipment in minimum panel space. The panels provide all automation and system integration controls, wiring harnesses, and metallic or non-metallic enclosures from one source. Suitable for single and multiple pump control functions, the panels can incorporate features such as supervisory control and monitoring through web systems and software.

Moeller Electric Corp.
Franklin, MA
Tel: 508-520-7080

Ultrafiltration system

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Omexell™ has developed a double-walled, PVDF hollow fiber membrane UF system. The nominal pore diameter of 0.01µm is the smallest hollow fiber PVDF in industry allowing for the removal of all particulate matter, bacteria (to 9-log reduction) and most viruses and colloids. In spite of the small pore diameter, this membrane has a very high porosity resulting in a flux similar to that of microfiltration. The fluid flow is in an outside/in configuration allowing for less plugging and easy maintenance. The modules are available in a dead-end or crossflow. UF is a key component in Integrated Membrane Technology (IMT) along with RO and EDI which is now the preferred method of choice in boiler feed water treatment.

Omexell Inc.
Houston, TX

Oil, water separator

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The Taylor CPS 2000 Model CLLV Closed Loop Recycle System is designed for continuous clean-up and recycling of wastewater. The system will eliminate permitting and monitoring in most circumstances. The oil/water/solids separator has a capacity of 1 to 22 gpm. The unit is equipped with a water recycle tank and dual filter canisters. Options include ozone generation and/or activated carbon/polymer final water polishing system.

Taylor Environmental Products, Inc.
Louisville, MS
Tel: 662-773-3421

Leak patching system

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Specialty Coating Solutions offers a new Fiber Tech Patch (FTP) made of UV-cured fiberglass that adheres to almost any surface and has the strength, durability, and chemical resistance of traditional fiberglass. In its uncured state, the product is soft and pliable and can be cut into any shape and size, then molded to conform to any curve or angle. Additional sheets can be added to provide unlimited strength. The product cures in as little as 10 minutes.

Specialty Coating Solutions, LLC
Neehan, WI
Tel: 866-220-6177

Air compressor system

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Durham Geo Slope Indicator announces the immediate availability of SolarRem™, a solar-powered air compressor system to run pneumatic pumps for fluid recovery. The system is compact and can be installed adjacent to a contaminated well, avoiding the need for expensive identification of underground services and trenching costs. Field staff can set up and operate this simple system. Typically regulatory approval is fast because there is no external power required and therefore no need to approve the extension of a power line, trenching, or installation of a noisy gasoline driven compressor. The SolarNAPL system is a SolarRem configured to run an optional F.A.P. Plus™ skimming system for product recovery. In typical installations the standard system can provide up 25 gallons of product recovery per day.

Durham Geo Slope Indicator
Stone Mountain, GA
Tel: 800-837-0864

Low-flow monitoring

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In-Situ has announced the release of a new Low-Flow Cell for the Multi-Parameter Troll 9000 water quality probe. The new cell is an optional accessory. Low-flow sampling has become a widely accepted method for monitoring ground water. When regulations allow, the benefit over laboratory sampling is clear when immediacy of data and laboratory costs are considered. As well casings decrease in size, this method also offers an alternative to in-situ monitoring. Additionally, the cells are preferred for monitoring DO and ORP readings that can be altered if exposed to the atmosphere. The cell attaches directly to the sensor side of the MP-Troll 9000, allowing direct flow-through sampling.

In-Situ, Inc.
Laramie, WY
Tel: 800-446-7488

Progressing cavity pumps

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The Moyno® 500 Progressing Cavity Pumps are positive displacement, general utility pumps that can handle a variety of applications from clean, clear liquids to abrasive and corrosive fluids and are ideal for water sampling. Over 70 models are available in a variety of construction materials with many different options, allowing customization to specific needs. The pumps have a compact, lightweight design for installation flexibility, and are offered with a choice of motorized and non-motorized versions for various drive sources. They are self-priming and feature quiet operation. Flow rates range to 50 gpm, pressures to 600 psi, fluid temperatures to 240° F.

Moyno, Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966

Float controllers

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Sigma Controls is now delivering its new duplex or triplex pump "Smart" Float controllers. The Myriad FPC is ideal for duplex or triplex pump down systems. Its microprocessor incorporated electronics constantly monitor all aspects of pump performance, via pump inputs such as pump overload trip and or motor over temperature. All floats are continuously monitored for leak, float open circuit, float sequence and float short circuit. A float failing will cause actuation of the discrete float alarm outputs and will adjust the logic to operate the pumps normally with the remaining floats. The economical system comes with four Sigma Series 2000 float switches with internal monitoring hardware. Outputs are provided for three pump controls, float out of sequence alarm, high level, pump fault and float fail alarm.

Sigma Controls, Inc.
Perkasie, PA
Tel: 215-257-3412

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